Economy. How to resist compulsive buying


Economy. How to resist compulsive buying

1. You should think hard before you buy anything on sale. You don't want to spend too much on essentials the rest of the year. This is not about wasting money. It's also the best time to buy what is going to be worn out quickly, and will need to be renewed anyway, like socks.

2. Cold listing it can help you stick to your purchases and make sure that you only purchase what it says.

3. If you see something you like in the shop, don't buy it.

You can use some signals to alert you: If you hesitate before making a purchase, that could be a sign you don't need it.

4. One way to avoid spending too much is to shop without a credit card but with cash.

5. Do you need an extra safety net? If you are tempted to buy something, shop with someone who will not say no.

6. If you are faced with a tempting commodity at a high price, consider what you could get for something more useful or interesting.

7. Do not choose trendy pieces that will soon go outof fashion. Instead, opt for basic items that are timeless.

8. Don't buy shoes, clothes, or accessories that aren't perfectly sized.

9. Avoid very low prices. They are often placed right next to cash desks. Although a small amount can seem attractive, it is likely that it covers items we don't need. Multiplying purchases of this kind can lead to a significant sum.

10. Do not hesitate to return the goods to get your money back if you have any doubts during the legal period.

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