Elections How not to receive electoral propaganda

On July 23, general elections will be held again in Spain

Elections How not to receive electoral propaganda

On July 23, general elections will be held again in Spain. Not even 60 days will have passed since the last electoral call for the regional and municipal elections on May 28.

A situation very similar to that experienced in 2019 when general elections were called in April. Some autonomous communities even joined this appointment to also elect their territorial representative. In addition, in the month of May municipal elections were also held for the town halls of all of Spain.

During the electoral campaign it is common for home mailboxes to be filled with electoral programs and ballot papers from the different parties that are contesting the elections.

Since 1977, this electoral mailbox has been allowed for political parties registered in the registry of the Ministry of the Interior. However, depending on each autonomous community and the number of candidates presented, the parties have a spending ceiling for this promotion.

However, the investment made by political parties in mailing addresses with their ballots in each electoral campaign is estimated at more than 50 million euros.

The practice of filling mailboxes with electoral propaganda in electoral campaigns has less and less presence.

The parties opt for other communication actions depending on the target audience they want to get their vote.

On the other hand, the voter himself has the right to protect the privacy of his mailbox against the campaigns of the leaders of the political parties.

Article 39.3 of Organic Law 5/1985, on the General Electoral Regime (LOREG), contains the legal formula for citizens with the right to vote, that is, those over 18 years of age, to stop receiving electoral propaganda. in the mailbox of the address where they are registered.

There are two ways to request this right:

To stop receiving electoral propaganda in your mailbox you must follow the following steps:

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