Elisabeth Borne claims she didn't mean to hurt a disabled listener

Operation demining.

Elisabeth Borne claims she didn't mean to hurt a disabled listener

Operation demining. Elisabeth Borne stated that she did not intend to hurt a disabled listener on Wednesday, June 8. She suggested that they "perhaps resume a profession" after a France Blue program the day prior.

"I mean that I could have hurt the person - Dolores, in this instance - by my words. I'm sorry about it. On the sidelines from a Versailles trip, the Prime Minister stated that she did not mean to harm her.

Olivia Gregoire, the government spokeswoman, tried to defend Prime Minister David Cameron, stressing her "compassion" and "empathy". She said, "If there is one thing we can blame him for, it is a lack empathy for our compatriots. Particularly the most vulnerable."

Elisabeth Borne had spoken to "Dolores" the day before. Dolores challenged her about her personal situation and, in particular, the "deconjugalization” of the adult disability allowance. The Prime Minister recalled that there was "support for daily life" that is "not at all means-tested". She then said: "And there are ways in which we can assist you so that your professional activities can continue." It is possible to have that, and there are structures to help you.

"Returning into a professional life, as you know, when your chair ..." is available," the listener had responded. In a context that was heightened by Sunday's first round of legislative elections, Elisabeth Borne’s response caused controversy, especially on the left.

France Bleu later heard Dolores say that she felt "like a stain" on French society. She recalled the controversy surrounding the sequence and said: "I don’t blame Elisabeth Borne at any point, I don’t blame this woman at any time."

It is clear that the Prime Minister's words have elicited strong reactions from the left. "What she said in itself isn't technically absurd, but it is NOT manly appropriate at ALL" and Cecile Duflot, Oxfam chief executive, wrote on Twitter. These are not files or practical cases. It is important to speak to people in a way that doesn't generalize personal stories into standardized answers.

E. Borne, a brutal technocrat, humiliates people by their mistakes or good taste. One million jobless claimants knew she took their money. She humiliates a woman with a disability and "responds in particular to Twitter the leader of the" rebellious Jean-Luc Melenchon.

Elisabeth Borne said, "I'm not surprised Jean-Luc Melenchon attacks my and that he does so in a violent manner because it is a bit of his method". "I tried to contact (the listener) again, but I was unable reach her. However, my teams were able have a lengthy discussion with her. I take into account how difficult this person's life has been and I insist that we accompany him, help them get through this delicate time for him.

Emmanuel Macron had in April promised to "move" towards the individualization and inclusion of the adult disabled allowance. This is to say that it will not take into account the income of the spouse. A development his government and majority repeatedly rejected last year.

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