Emmerdale spoilers - Kim Tate fakes her own death in a huge revenge plot

Emmerdale viewers across the country just let out a collective sigh, realizing that, despite her death on screen, legend Kim Tate (Claire King), is still alive and well.

Emmerdale spoilers - Kim Tate fakes her own death in a huge revenge plot

In a shocking twist, the soap legend claimed her death to plot her revenge against her son Jamie (Alexander Lincoln). Viewers will soon learn that he had been poisoning her for months.

Jamie was desperate to grab Kim's empire. He repeatedly drank the brandy decanter his mum used, leaving her feeling woozy, disoriented, and unable to stop himself.

Kim quickly realized that the brandy was what had made her shell of herself. swiftly put in place a revenge plan to expose who it is.

Jamie was unaware that she had confessed to her theories.

Jamie worked hard to try to blame Dean Andrews (Will Taylor) and believed that he had succeeded earlier in the week.

Kim devised a plan to make Will prime suspect. She persuaded Will to drink her drug-laced water and then she filmed him.

Jamie watched the scenes via his laptop and was thrilled to see Will in the frame. He didn't expect that the plan would go horribly sour.

After receiving a disturbing phone call, the young man panicked and headed to Home Farm. There, he was met by a doctor and a policewoman who confirmed that Kim had died.

Jamie was speechless.

The heir to Home Farm, who had seen Kim's dead body from afar was overcome with grief. He believed that Kim's revenge plot had led to the death of his mother.

Despite viewers crying at the thought that Kim Tate was going to be lost, they didn't need to worry as Tate became the mother of all twists.

Kim's body was taken from Home Farm in a body bag and taken in a van. A distraught Jamie watched.

The van pulled up at a roadside and Kim, still alive, got out of the car to meet Will. Will hadn't been arrested.

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