European elections: Gabriel Attal criticizes the “vast deception” of the “Le Pen clan”

The European election campaign has kicked off

European elections: Gabriel Attal criticizes the “vast deception” of the “Le Pen clan”

The European election campaign has kicked off. During the first meeting of Renaissance, Emmanuel Macron's party, Gabriel Attal castigated, on Saturday March 9, in front of majority activists gathered in Lille, the "vast deception" of the "Le Pen clan" whose votes in the European Parliament are “a litany of betrayals against the interests of the French.”

“They have always said no to Europe. The only difference now is that they hide it a little and the no has turned into a niet,” said the Prime Minister, after accusing the National Rally (RN) of proximity to Vladimir Putin. “The record of the Le Pen clan is forty years of European Parliament, forty years of mandate allowances, forty years of ghosts in the corridors of Brussels and Strasbourg,” he insisted about Jean- Marie Le Pen and her daughter Marine. “It’s a few signatures on the attendance registers to receive compensation, a few interventions to fill in on social networks,” the Prime Minister once again tackled.

“Risk of dislocation of Europe”

“They tell us “France is coming back”. But what right do they have to speak in the name of France? They are the ones who left France. Where had they gone? At the Vienna Ball dancing with neo-Nazis? In an identity conference to sing with the anti-Semites? To Moscow to seek Vladimir Putin’s approval? On a stool at the Starbucks in Trump Tower to negotiate a selfie with Donald Trump that she ultimately never managed to get,” said Gabriel Attal about Marine Le Pen.

“For the RN against Russia, all weakness, all weakness is good,” continued Gabriel Attal. “Never has the risk of dislocation of Europe and weakening of France been so high,” he had previously warned, after recalling: “We are the true defenders of Europe in the landscape French. »

Before the intervention of the head of the Renaissance group, Valérie Hayer, attacks multiplied against the RN, whose president, Jordan Bardella, is prances in the polls. The RN takes “the people of the North, the common people for an electoral zoo”, launched the Minister of the Interior and former mayor of Tourcoing, Gérald Darmanin.

The head of MoDem, François Bayrou, denounced those who say “we support Ukraine, but”. “Saying “I support, but” means you don’t support…”

Relaying in turn the accusations of Marine Le Pen's proximity to Vladimir Putin, the head of Horizons, Edouard Philippe, cited Winston Churchill to criticize those who feed "a crocodile" hoping to be the last "to be eaten".