Evacuation in Gaza, a senator suspected of having drugged a parliamentarian, record rainfall... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19

Evacuation in Gaza, a senator suspected of having drugged a parliamentarian, record rainfall... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main information for Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19.

Al-Shifa Hospital has become a “death zone,” the World Health Organization (WHO) denounced on Sunday, calling for its evacuation, as the Israeli army expands its operations in the besieged territory. The WHO coordinated a one-hour “very high risk” mission to the hospital complex on Saturday.

Hundreds of people who had taken refuge in the establishment, the largest in Gaza, had already left the premises after being ordered to do so on Saturday by the Israeli army, according to the director of the establishment and a journalist from the Agence France-Presse (AFP) on site. The army denies having ordered the evacuation, only claiming to have “responded to a request” from the director of Al-Shifa hospital.

After these departures, the huge hospital complex still housed on Saturday, according to the WHO, 25 caregivers and 291 patients, including 22 patients on dialysis and two in intensive care. Many injured people suffer from serious infections due to the lack of antibiotics and poor hygiene conditions, the organization reported at the end of its mission. The thirty-one premature babies who were still in the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza after its evacuation on Saturday were taken from the establishment, Mohamed Zaqout, general director of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, reported to AFP on Sunday.

Several thousand people mobilized on Sunday in Paris, at the call of the world of culture, for a “silent” and “apolitical” march for peace in the Middle East. Among them, the actress Isabelle Adjani, the writer Marek Halter and the former minister of culture Jack Lang, the procession setting off from the Institute of the Arab World (IMA), which he directs.

“People are there to appease. They don't necessarily think the same thing. I fully support this demonstration of unity,” the former minister told the press. Among the demonstrators, few young people, people wearing white armbands or waving a blue flag with a white dove and the word "peace", noted an Agence France-Presse (AFP) journalist on site. With a large white banner and without a slogan, the procession set off in the middle of the afternoon, very symbolically from the square in front of the IMA towards the Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

Several hundred people gathered peacefully on Sunday, November 19 in Nanterre (Hauts-de-Seine), at the call of Nahel M.'s mother, a few days after the release of the police officer responsible for the fatal shooting of the teenager in June. “No justice, no peace,” the demonstrators proclaimed between different speeches.

With their faces masked, friends of Nahel spoke out to criticize the release of the police officer, decided on Wednesday. “Don’t forget Nahel! », Launched one of the teenager's friends into the microphone. “It’s always the same people who die from refusing to comply,” one of them also denounced, while others brandished signs on which was written “The police kill”.

Justice on Wednesday ordered the release of the 38-year-old police officer who opened fire and killed Nahel, 17, at the wheel of his vehicle on June 27, during a road check in the streets of Nanterre.

Loire-Atlantique senator Joël Guerriau was indicted on Friday evening for having drugged a deputy from the same department and long-time friend, Sandrine Josso (MoDem), with a view to sexually assaulting her.

At the end of his police custody which began on Thursday, Mr. Guerriau was presented to an investigating judge who indicted him for “administering to a person, without their knowledge, a substance likely to impair their discernment or control of his actions to commit rape or sexual assault,” the prosecution and his lawyer said. Requested by Agence France-Presse (AFP), the Paris prosecutor's office specified that the judicial control imposed on the senator prohibited him "from going to the victim's home" and "from entering into contact with the victims and witnesses" .

According to the public prosecutor, the complainant felt ill after having a drink on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday at the Parisian home of the senator, aged 66, with whom she did not have an intimate relationship. The parliamentarian was suspended on Saturday by his party, Horizons, and by his parliamentary group (Les Indépendants-République et Territoires), which could exclude him permanently.

Metropolitan France, which has experienced very heavy flooding in recent days, particularly in Pas-de-Calais, was affected between mid-October and mid-November by unprecedented accumulations of rain over a long period, according to Meteo France.

Between October 18 and November 16, i.e. thirty days, France recorded an average accumulation of 237.3 millimeters: “over the last four weeks, across France, such quantities of rain had never been measured,” the forecaster repeats. “This is the first time that France has recorded such an accumulation over thirty consecutive days in all seasons,” indicates the office, according to which the previous record over thirty days had been 187.1 millimeters, between January 13 and February 11, 1988, the last year during which France experienced a series of more than thirty consecutive days of precipitation (thirty-two days from January 12 to February 12).

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