Fans worried: Tom Hanks trembles uncontrollably when he performs

As usual, Tom Hanks is brilliant in the biopic "Elvis", which can be seen next week.

Fans worried: Tom Hanks trembles uncontrollably when he performs

As usual, Tom Hanks is brilliant in the biopic "Elvis", which can be seen next week. He is also currently in the mood for jokes, as his mocking comments on the "Da Vinci Code" films show. But an appearance by the 65-year-old in Australia is now a cause for concern.

Tom Hanks is one of those people who have an aura of seemingly indestructible. And not only because he has been able to fill almost every role brilliantly as an actor for decades. He always seems confident off the screen, even when he's on "Wetten, dass..?" has to wear a cat hat or is one of the first celebrities to be infected with Corona.

Hanks just made headlines again by joking about his acting in the "Da Vinci Code" movies. The Hollywood star blasphemed that the strips around the symbol researcher Robert Langdon, who he embodied, are "nonsense" on the whole. In particular "Inferno", the third part of the series, was not even "good commerce", he admitted.

Hanks should think differently about the film, in which he will also be shown in German cinemas next week. In the pompous biopic "Elvis" by star director Baz Luhrmann, he slips into the role of Elvis Presley's former manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

A few days ago, the premiere of "Elvis" was celebrated in the Australian city of Gold Coast, around 70 kilometers south of Brisbane. Not only because director Luhrmann is Australian by birth, but also because most of the filming took place here. Hanks also traveled down under for the occasion.

"There's no better place in the world to shoot a film than right here in the Gold Coast," the 65-year-old said in a speech to the premiere audience and went on to joke: "I have films in Shot in Morocco, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle and Berlin. They all don't have what Gold Coast has. And what is that? Two words, none of these cities have 'Dan Murphy's,'" Hanks said. Dan Murphy's is an Australian alcoholic beverages supermarket chain.

But although Hanks appeared in his usual good mood at the performance and those present did not seem to see any signs of weakness in him either, circulating video footage of the event is now causing concern among fans. The reason is an apparently uncontrolled shaking of the actor's right hand, which he uses to hold the microphone.

Hanks tries to get the shaking under control several times by also using his left hand to hold the microphone. He also briefly tries to switch hands.

"God forbid, please just let it be adrenaline and excitement," commented a concerned fan on Twitter. Others noted that Hanks has appeared emaciated recently. Hanks himself has not yet commented on concerns about his health. From Australia he flew back to the USA, where the film was also shown at the weekend in the former Elvis estate "Graceland".

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