FBI hunts man accused in 11 bank robberies in multiple states. $10K reward

'Route 91 Bandit,' allegedly robbed banks in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

FBI hunts man accused in 11 bank robberies in multiple states. $10K reward

The FBI offers a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction a serial bank burglar thought to be responsible in 11 heists throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut.

After committing the robberies across various towns and cities along the I-91 corridor stretching 290 miles north from Connecticut to Vermont the unidentified suspect was called the "Route 91 Bandit", according to the FBI.

The agency advised that the suspect had threatened to use a gun and should therefore be considered dangerously armed.

Christian Fierabend, FBI Boston Supervisory Special Agent, stated that he had robbed 11 banks using a note and threatened with a weapon in several of them. He also tried to get into a vault in many robberies.

The robberies took place between Sept. 9 and Jan. 27,

The bandit is accused in attacking banks in West Springfield and Athol, Montague, Greenfield, Massachusetts; Enfield and Windsor, Somers and Avon, East Windsor, Connecticut; Brattleboro and Keene (New Hampshire).

The suspect was described by police as a White male, between 5' 6" and 5' 8", with a medium build, blue eyes, and light-colored hair. He is often seen wearing a hoodie or hat, and white sneakers.

Investigators suspect he might be driving a new model Nissan sedan.

"In the interests of public safety, any person with information on this individual is asked to contact us immediately. We must stop this man's criminal spree before anyone gets hurt," Joseph Bonavolonta (special agent in charge FBI's Boston office) stated in a statement.

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