After fans of Fenerbahce Istanbul shouted “Vladimir Putin” during the game against Dynamo Kyiv, Uefa fined the Turkish club. Fenerbahce has to pay a fine of 50,000 euros and has been sentenced to a partial lockout of its fans on probation, as the European Football Union announced on Friday.

Should Fenerbahce violate the conditions in the next two years, at least 5,000 places must remain empty at the next home game in a European competition. Uefa justified the sanction by saying that fans of the Turks threw objects and shouted insults.

Numerous Fenerbahce supporters had chanted the name of the Russian President in the second half of the match of the second Champions League qualifying round in Istanbul. Vitaly Bujalskyj (57th minute) had given Kyiv the lead, and then there were calls of “Vladimir Putin” from the stands. The incident was also widely discussed on social media. Many Fenerbahce fans expressed their regret at the behavior of the supporters at the stadium.

Fenerbahce distanced itself from the behavior of the fans and emphasized that this “does not represent our club and does not correspond to the institutional attitude of our club.” The club was the first to condemn the war from the start, it said in one.

Club boss Ali Koc condemned the behavior of the fans, but refused to apologize to the Ukrainians. “In my opinion, they were inappropriate, unnecessary shouts. They were far removed from Fenerbahce’s identity and values. But what should we do, close people’s mouths with a zipper?” Koc said, according to the sports newspaper “Fanatik”.