First Alert Forecast: Heating Construction to the weekend

Rain is in the prediction come the middle of this week

First Alert Forecast: Heating Construction to the weekend

A low pressure system operating across the USA is bringing a much needed rain to southern Illinois and Indiana. In Michiana, the best rain chance is going to be on Wednesday as a weak cold front moves through the region. High temperatures will drop out of the upper 70s to the mid 70s on Wednesday and it'll indicate the coolest day of the full week. Highs on the opposite side of this front will quickly rally back to the low 80s on Friday and throughout the weekend. A 90° day is not out of this question come weekly.

TUESDAY NIGHT: Mostly cloudy skies but staying dry and light.

WEDNESDAY: Mostly cloudy skies with the opportunity to get some afternoon thunderstorms to develop across the region. Winds stay mild. Scattered showers stay potential immediately.

THURSDAY: Scattered showers are possible throughout the morning with sun breaking out late daily. Highs staying near continuous in the upper 70s.

LONG RANGE: The heat and humidity return by the weekend. A great deal of sun with highs climbing into the center 80s from the weekend. Heading into early next week there's the opportunity for drops to reach to the low 90s with high humidity and the possibility of isolated or scattered thunderstorms. As we anticipate the warmth and humidity, we'll have a wonderful first day of June with chances for showers and thunderstorms on the horizon!

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