Florence Pugh discusses her relationship with Zach Braff

After more than two years, Florence Pugh is still going strong with Zach Braff.

Florence Pugh discusses her relationship with Zach Braff

The actress who plays a significant role in "Black Widow" says she is 25 years old and Braff 46. This often leads to criticisms about their age differences.

Pugh said to the Sunday Times, "I think people are bugged that it's different from what they expected."

She said, "But it is my life and it's not for me to please anyone or make it a better headline. I want to be a person!"

  • Pugh stated that she is often met with negative reactions online from people when she posts about Braff.

    She said, "I'm 24 years of age." "I've been working since I was 17. Since I was 17, I have been making money. At 18 years of age, I became an adult and began paying taxes at 18. This is the most important fact about me: I am 24 years of age. I don't need you to tell my who I should or shouldn't love. I wouldn't ever ever in my life tell anyone who they could or couldn’t love. It's not your place and it really has nothing to do about you.

    • She offered a simple suggestion to those who object.

      "I don’t mind you not liking my, that’s perfectly fine. She said, "In which case don’t follow me."

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