Florida cop fired over Social Networking Articles Encouraging Capitol rioters, warning of civil Warfare

Ex-Kissimmee Police Officer Andrew Johnson's articles also criticized Black Lives Issue protests

Florida cop fired over Social Networking Articles Encouraging Capitol rioters, warning of civil Warfare

A fundamental Florida police officer was fired a week following an internal investigation to his social networking action revealed articles talking Black Lives Matter protests, demonstrating support for its U.S. Capitol riot and caution yet another Civil War was imminent.

He'd been on probationary job since joining the division in March 2020 as a patrol officer. Police Chief Jeffrey O'Dell made the choice to fire Johnson since his social networking articles,"don't align with our core values at the Kissimmee Police Department," a spokeswoman said in a statement to Fox News Sunday.

The sender described Johnson as"a very major problem" and somebody"incapable of performing his job without any prejudice that as we understand is a huge issue for authorities in this country," according to a copy of their internal affairs memorandum provided to Fox News from the section.

The email also promised that Johnson's social websites articles reveal just how"he a very major supporter of what occurred lately" in Washington, D.C. Screenshots contained in the memorandum revealed that Johnson posted on Jan. 6 ,"The silent majority increases!! Day among the Revolutionary War!! Hang on, it has only just started."

There wasn't any proof Johnson engaged in the rioting in the U.S. Capitol, just he responded.

Another post recorded in the analysis was published on Dec. 17 and revealed a photograph of then-President Trump using the expression"Justice is Coming."

"Civil War is right round the corner. It is coming, prepare for it today," Johnson supposedly wrote in a different Facebook article in September.

An undated screenshot revealed Johnson also published a receipt to get an ammunition arrangement together with the caption,"Thank you for my stimulation check!!!"

Back in August, Johnson supposedly reposted that a meme of a handicapped parking area together with the caption"BLM activists in Wisconsin paint road mural in service of Jacob Blake."

Blake is a Black man who was left paralyzed following a White police officer in Kenosha, Wisc., shot in the trunk Aug. 23 when authorities were reacting to a report that he had been hoping to steal a vehicle. Wisconsin prosecutors chose two weeks ago to not bill Officer Rusten Sheskey because researchers reasoned Blake was armed with a knife at the moment.

Another screenshot revealed Johnson shared with a meme into his FB accounts in September that read,"A 17-year-old dropped three rioters. What do you believe 6 or 5 combatives will do?" Over the picture, he wrote,"I am sayin...," based on this investigation memorandum.

In another September market on social networking, Johnson responded to a post with a Black girl who wrote that Americans must"get over" that the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Johnson responded,"get it over and proceed??? You mean just like the entire slavery thing"

The internal affairs investigation ascertained Johnson was the actual writer of the articles.

He was unable to contest his termination because he was on probation at the moment, was hired by the department under a year prior to the articles came to light, Spectrum News reported.

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