Florida man accused of taking crossbow and stuffing it down his pants

After surveillance video showed the 46-year old man allegedly stealing the crossbow from the store, an arrest warrant was issued.

Florida man accused of taking crossbow and stuffing it down his pants

Officials said that a Florida man is now facing another charge of allegedly stealing the crossbow by stuffing it down his pants.

According to court documents, the video released Tuesday by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office shows the Jan. 22 theft at True Value hardware store. However, it was only discovered two weeks later.


The video shows the man holding a crutch and a crossbow in one hand. He then walks down an aisle stuffing the weapon in his pants and continuing to walk as if he needed the crutch.

Mims workers noticed that two crossbows were missing from their store on February 6, and they checked the surveillance video. The sheriff's office confirmed this.


According to records, a Brevard County warrant was issued Monday for the 46 year-old man. He is currently in Seminole County jail on burglary charges.

According to online court records and the sheriff's office, the suspect is facing a charge for felony petit theft related to crossbow theft.

The Seminole County public defender's office that represented him did not respond to Wednesday night's request for comment.

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