Florida mom finds her toddler locked in day care after workers leave

The girl's mother stated that she was "super traumatized".

Florida mom finds her toddler locked in day care after workers leave

Police say they are investigating a Florida daycare center where a mother left her 2-year-old daughter unattended and kept her locked up after staff left.

Stephanie Martinez arrived at KinderCare Learning Centre north of Miami at 6 :28 p.m. on Wednesday. She saw the child through the window at the front door. According to a Plantation Police Department incident file,


A video Martinez shared with NBC Miami of a 911 call, shows the room appearing darkened and Martinez telling a dispatcher she could see her daughter crying.

According to the report, firefighters opened the door and found the girl in good condition around 20 minutes later.

Martinez said to NBC Miami that Martinez's daughter is "super traumatized."

According to the report, police later discovered that the child care worker who was responsible for checking on the children had left at 6:20 pm and locked the doors.

It is not stated in the police report if criminal charges will be brought against the suspect. According to the report, the case was under investigation by the local child protective agency.

KinderCare, the parent company of the facility, stated in a statement that although the company was thankful the child was found quickly and was safe, the incident shouldn't have occurred.

According to the company, it had notified the local child protective agency and placed employees involved in the matter on administrative leaves while it investigated.

According to the company, all teachers and staff will be given additional training to prevent "this type of thing" from happening again.


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