Floyd family responds to sentence: "We're going to stay strong"

On Friday, some of George Floyd's relatives criticized Derek Chauvin’s 22 1/2 year sentence for murder in his death as insufficient. Others expressed optimism that this would provide an impetus to change.

Floyd family responds to sentence: "We're going to stay strong"

Rodney Floyd, one of Floyd's brothers, called the sentence "slap on your wrist".

He said, "We've been given a life sentence for having him in our lives. That hurts me to the bone."

Terrence Floyd, another brother, stated that he was "a bit leery about sentencing" before he dreamt of his father.

"I knew that my father was telling me, "You're good." He's great. Keep doing what you are doing. He said, "For me, for my brother, for you name." "We are Floyd strong, and we will stay strong," he said.

Bridgett Floyd was George Floyd's sister, and the founder of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation. She said that the sentence "shows how matters of police brutality have finally been taken seriously."

Bridgett stated in a Friday statement that "we have a long road to go and many things to do before Black and Brown people feel like they're being treated fairly by law enforcement in the country."

Nephew Brandon Williams stated that the sentence was not harsh enough.

Williams stated, "When you consider George being murdered in cold blood with his knee on his neck for 9 mins and 29 seconds execution style, in broad daylight,"

"We were given a life sentence. "We can't get George back."

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