Foundation Made to benefit the Kids of Invading Austin pediatrician

Money may also go to the family's charitable targets surrounding schooling

Foundation Made to benefit the Kids of Invading Austin pediatrician

Now, a base was put up in her title to donate to the schooling of her three kids in addition to the household's charitable goals encompassing schooling.

"The Foundation is an chance for our community to function Lindley's household and kids along with the household's charitable goals around schooling in precisely the exact same manner she adored and cared for ours," Doug Wolfe, a friend of the family, stated concerning the Lindley Dodson Education Foundation, that has raised over $100,000.

Dell Children's Foundation, in which Dr. Dodson functioned for 10 or more decades, also set an endowment to encourage the pediatric community in the health care centre.

Austin Police state the Dr. Bharat Narumanchi, who'd only been diagnosed with terminal cancer and had been given"months to live," entered Children's Medical Group Tuesday day with two firearms and required five hostages.

A SWAT team went to the building shortly before midnight, in which they discovered the bodies of Dodson and Narumanchi.

A vigil will be held Saturday at 6:30 p.m. CT to get Dr. Dodson in Children's Medical Group in Austin, Texas, as per a GoFundMe setup for her Loved Ones.

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