Frederick Lau is also celebrating: "Gala" goes TV

As a magazine, the "Gala" has long been known to everyone.

Frederick Lau is also celebrating: "Gala" goes TV

As a magazine, the "Gala" has long been known to everyone. At RTL, the magazine is now making its way onto television. The show will be moderated by Annika Lau. It goes without saying that she and her husband, actor Frederick Lau, are celebrating in style. And not only her.

"Gala" is coming to TV. On Saturday at 5.45 p.m. the magazine will celebrate its TV premiere on RTL (also available on RTL). However, the format passed its first acid test even before it was first broadcast: with a massive debut party in Berlin.

The star guest on Thursday evening was of course Annika Lau, who will moderate "Gala" every week from now on. But her husband Frederick Lau, who is known from films such as "The Wave" and "Victoria", did not miss the opportunity to celebrate the new format and his wife.

In addition, there were various other celebrities to give "Gala" a roaring start. They included Barbara Becker and her son Noah, Dana Schweiger with daughter Luna, Charlotte Würdig, Natalie Wörner, Natalia Avelon or the "Let's Dance" stars Isabel Edvardsson, Alexandru and Patricija Ionel as well as Malika Dzumaev and Zsolt Sandor Cseke. As an exception, the evening was not moderated by Annika Lau, but by RTL celebrity expert Frauke Ludowig.

Like the magazine since 1994, "Gala" also takes a personal look at the lives of royals and celebrities on television, according to RTL. In addition, there are the latest fashion trends and beauty tips to touch and imitate. In every issue, Annika Lau also welcomes a prominent guest for an interview.

The program "Exclusive Weekend" moderated by Frauke Ludowig, which was previously broadcast on Saturdays at 5:45 p.m., will in future be broadcast on Sundays at 7:05 p.m. So "the fans of entertaining information from the world of celebrities and royals would get their money's worth on Saturdays and Sundays," says Martin Gradl, editor-in-chief of life

"Frauke Ludowig and her team are close to the stars, up-to-date every day and very quick to provide information. On Saturday in 'Gala' we have the opportunity to tell stories in a completely different way. I am sure that we will stimulate each other ", meanwhile, explains Annika Lau. And she adds: "We would like to give viewers the same effect that the magazine has had for almost 30 years: relaxation, leaning back, dreaming, a little escape from everyday life."

When asked about her desired guests in one of the future "Gala" editions, the 43-year-old already has an answer: "I would like to have the Obamas on my couch. Both incredibly strong personalities. I would have 1000 questions."

Annika Lau, who was born in Munich, gained her first experiences as a radio presenter in Bavaria. Meanwhile, she became known to television viewers as a presenter on Sat.1 breakfast television. She recently switched exclusively to RTL, where she can also be seen in the morning magazines "Punkt 6", "Punkt 7" and "Punkt 8".

When Annika Kipp was born, the moderator married actor Frederick Lau in 2015. The couple have three children together.

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