French cinemas are denied Disney's next animated film, "Strange World"

There will be no "Strange World" in French cinemas by the end of 2022.

French cinemas are denied Disney's next animated film, "Strange World"

There will be no "Strange World" in French cinemas by the end of 2022. He announced on Wednesday, June 8 that Disney, the American cinema giant, has taken away its next animated film "Strange World" from French theaters. It will broadcast it directly online at the end 2022.

Disney confirmed thus to AFP the information provided to Deadline, an American specialized website, and "Les Echos", a French economic daily.

"It is the result of the" media chronology as practiced in France, declared Helene Etzi, the French president of Disney.

This decision is only applicable in France.

Media timelines govern when movies can be released. This includes streaming and TV. The new agreement at the January end states that platforms, which includes Disney, have to wait 17 months to be able to broadcast their films following their theatrical release. They are still able to broadcast their films on free television channels 22 months after their theatrical release.

This device serves two purposes: to protect cinemas by providing them with the scoop and also to provide information to broadcasters and channels that finance cinemas. France wants to preserve its film production diversity, something to which all governments have been attentive.

Marc-Olivier Sebbag is the general delegate of National Federation of French Cinemas. He sent a press release to AFP. He denounces the "totally unacceptable decision" and "terribly unfair" and requests that Disney reconsider his choice. He appeals to the public authorities for a quick resolution of "this major problem for [the] industry".

Films can be released on platforms in other countries approximately a month and half after theatrical release.

American entertainment giant complains about a five-month exclusivity window before its films can be switched to free channels.

Helene Etzi, "Echos" said that for the moment "Strange World", is all that's relevant.

On June 22, Disney's animated feature film "Buzz Lightyear" and a variation of the "Toy Story", will be released. However, theaters are still waiting for the decision on "Black Panther" and the "Avatar," two major productions that help them increase their attendance at half-mast.

"We continue to evaluate the situation film-byfilm and country by country," said Disney's France president.

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