"Fuck off!": Tom Hanks freaks out

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is good for some headlines these days.

"Fuck off!": Tom Hanks freaks out

Hollywood star Tom Hanks is good for some headlines these days. Unfortunately not only for positive ones. After an ominous trembling appearance in Australia, he now freaks out in New York because a fan gets too close to his wife. But now he can laugh again.

Tom Hanks and his fans are currently going through an emotional roller coaster ride. On the one hand, there is anticipation for the film biography "Elvis", in which Hanks will be seen again in German cinemas from next week. On the other hand, a recent performance by the actor in Australia, where he appeared to be shaking uncontrollably, caused concern.

Now the 65-year-old is producing another negative headline with a freak in New York, even if you can understand his behavior to a certain extent. The trigger for his harsh reaction was an overly pushy fan who rudely bumped into his wife Rita Wilson, albeit accidentally. A video circulating on social media documents the incident.

You can see the Hollywood couple walking to a waiting car, shielded by bodyguards. However, fans keep breaking through to Hanks and his wife and want to take close-up photos. A particularly careless man nearly knocks Rita Wilson over. "Stop," she calls out, startled.

Hanks doesn't remain inactive in the face of this scene either. "Back the fuck off," he snaps at the fan, which roughly translates to "piss off!" translate. "Stay away from my wife," he blurts out before he turns and runs angrily to the car.

But a little later, the incident was apparently already forgotten. In any case, Hanks was in a good mood on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" and made the audience laugh with a dance performance.

Along with the host, Hanks performed a skit about dads filming themselves doing Tiktok dances. He seemed quite fit. He ignored his worrying performance in Australia and his unpleasant encounter in New York.

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