Gabbard: Pelosi's'enemy is Inside the House' Assert is Similar to'Fit to Some tinderbox'

Pelosi told reporters she believes Congress will have to give cash"for more safety for members, once the enemy is inside the House of Representatives, a hazard that members are worried about."

Gabbard: Pelosi's'enemy is Inside the House' Assert is Similar to'Fit to Some tinderbox'

The remarks were a response to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and following security measures to guard lawmakers.

Asked to describe what she intended, Pelosi said,"It implies we have members of Congress who wish to bring guns on the ground and have threatened violence on other members of Congress."

"This sort of wide, inflammatory rhetoric is just like throwing a match to the tinderbox," she explained.

"What Speaker Pelosi is speaking about is a really significant matter. When there's proof to back what she's saying... is accurate, this really is a legal dilemma for law enforcement."

Gabbard reported that while she had been at the home, a person made threats on her life, and regulation police officers whined and convicted the defendant.

"What Nancy Pelosi is speaking about is a offense of terroristic threatening -- and if true ought to be reported to law enforcement. Members of Congress aren't above the law," she explained.

Host Laura Ingraham requested Gabbard if Pelosi was intentionally inciteful.

"If you believe there is a person one of the Republican caucus plotting the murder of Nancy Pelosi or other members of Congress, which could bring violence upon these folks," she explained.

"That is the problem here. If that really is a [criminal hazard ], allow law enforcement cope with it," Gabbard responded. "When there's absolutely no evidence of what she's talking about, it's inciting additional branch and additional damage potentially and further ruining the chance of our nation coming together"

"This is the reason why it's so crucial for Nancy Pelosi -- if those accusations are baseless -- she wants to apologize -- maybe not too much to her coworkers but to the American men and women who right now, more than ever, want leadership coming from the speaker of the home, who symbolizes all of members of Congress and the American people to bring us together"

She predicted on Pelosi and President Biden to rather denounce forces trying to undermine civil liberties and inflame social and political anxieties.

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