Spring 2023 has already come on the scene with the change of summer time and Easter.

Every day throughout the month of April the temperatures will be more placid thanks to a greater number of daylight hours.

For all these reasons, it is a good time in the garden to bet on the planting of some varieties of vegetables. These are weeks in which the presence of rain will also benefit the field before the summer season.

With regard to the garden, it is an ideal time of year to carry out the last pruning, if there is any pending work in these months, and prepare the green areas for a new season of splendor.

Before planting seeds or seedlings in our garden, in the month of April it is recommended to previously carry out the following activities:

Next, we leave you a list of those plants and crops that are directly sown in the garden in the month of April:

It seems that the frosts are already wiped off the map in many parts of Spain, but there are still days of cold temperatures in the early morning and late afternoon sections. In addition, it is time for more hours of sunshine and also rain that gives strength to the garden.

It will be time to start the first in-depth garden preparation tasks:

On the other hand, April will also be a good time to plant different plants and shrubs:

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