George Floyd's family relives his Departure during Derek Chauvin trial

George Floyd's family relives his Departure during Derek Chauvin trial

His sister and brother talked out about how they have felt throughout the trial up to now.

While the world watches the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin for the passing of George Floyd at 2020,'' Floyd's family say they refuse to allow his memory be tarnished.

When movie of Floyd's passing was published online this past year, it awakened a new reckoning on policing and discrimination of Black people in the USA. Many say they're seeking into the trial to find out whether police officers are held liable for deaths and violence while on duty later on.

"To really be in the court and hear them speaking about the entire situation again and really seeing Chauvin from the court, it was sort of surreal and intense and emotional," Floyd's brother, Terrence Floyd, told ABC News Live.

Chauvin faces three charges: second-degree accidental murder, third-degree murder and a lesser cost of second-degree manslaughter. He's pleaded not guilty.

Floyd, 46, died May 25, 2020, while being detained for allegedly having a fake $20 bill to get smokes. Video revealed Chauvin, a white police officer, kneeling on the rear of Floyd's neck for at least nine minutes while Floyd repeatedly shouted ,"I can not breathe."

Since the trial started on Monday, many different witnesses have delivered psychological testimonies of what they observed through the deadly arrest.

"All of the witnesses, I only hear them, and I find that not only perform our loved ones, the Floyd family, need to relive this, but they need to re do this, also," said Terrence Floyd, that had been present in the court. "I only need to send out my prayers to them also, since they're actually reliving it as we are too"

Chauvin and also those three officers were fired. Kueng, Lane and Thao are advised to start their trial in August and haven't yet officially entered a plea.

She loaded boxes with meals, as her brother did when he worked in a Salvation Army at town, and stated she had been doing it to honor him.

"I'm not prepared to find the movie of my brother being killed," she explained.

"They'd get any way possible for this particular police officer to never look poor. Nevertheless, the entire world watched what happened to him," she explained. "The medication they say they discovered in his system didn't kill him... [it] was that the strain that has been kneeled down into his throat. It is not surprising to me but one thing for certain... the planet [has] noticed the way my brother left this planet."

Terrence Floyd said he is placing his confidence in the justice system.

"I am convinced justice will be served," he explained. "I am really putting my hope in the machine, and that I hope they do not neglect me."

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