That governmental lineage seems to be something which George P. is more than prepared to throw on the other side, but like a lot of ambitious Republicans who scrape and beg to win the acceptance of former President Donald Trump.

From the run-up on Wednesday’s announcement, George P. tweeted an image of himself on a mobile phone for this caption:”Great to talk with President Trump to talk about the future of Texas and the way we’re keeping up the struggle to put America first. I love the words of support and encouragement.”
And, since Scott Braddock, editor of the Quorum Report, mentioned on Twitter Thursday afternoon , George P. supporters were handing out koozies in his statement that revealed a drawing and Trump using a 2019 quote in the prior President that reads:”Here really is actually the only Bush that enjoys me. I enjoy him.” (George P. supported Trump from the 2020 racecalling him “that the one thing standing between America and socialism.”
That’s something — particularly once you think about what Trump has said about George P. Bush’s immediate household.

“No longer Bushes!”
* In July 2015,” Trump retweeted a Twitter user that maintained that Jeb Bush “must enjoy the Mexican Illegals due to his wife.” (Jeb’s spouse and George P.’s mum, Columba, came into the United States legally.) “They whined. They said that there were weapons of mass destruction. There were none” (Jeb Bush responded:”I’m tired and sick of him moving after my loved ones.”)
Along with the Bushes have not been shy about expressing their perspectives on Trump, possibly. “He does not give many answers to how he’d fix issues,” stated the late Barbara Bush of Trump back in 2016. “He kind of makes faces says insulting things”
So, there is some bags there. Just like enough to go on holiday in Europe for a couple of months. (Side note: Are we currently doing holiday again?)
However, George P. is apparently more than happy to look beyond Trump’s previous insults directed at his parents in addition to his grandfather and uncle only because he considers that the only way to conquer embattled Texas AG Ken Paxton at a Republican primary will be to possess Trump’s blessing.
That’s unseemly, but not incredibly original. Fellow Lone Star State Republican Ted Cruz has gone out of his way to court Trump — such as a recent visit to Mar-a-Lago — in hopes that when the former President does not operate in 2024he would say pleasant things about his one-time rival. Cruz’s obsequiousness is even more stomach-turning once you remember that Trump, in the plan of this 2016 effort, not-so-subtly indicated that Cruz’s wife was awful and his father was involved in the assassination of JFK.
Historical returns on George P.’s willingness to sell his family out to triumph over Trump are reassuring. “I will be making my recommendation and endorsement to the fantastic folks of Texas from the not-so-distant future”
And when Trump does select George P. within the scandal-tarred Paxton, the scion of this initial household of Republican politics is quite likely to be the next attorney general of Texas — and on a fast-track into the governor’s mansion.
However, at what price?