Georgia Little Caesars attack caught on video; woman Needed for battery

A Georgia woman is wanted for battery at the alleged beating of another woman this week in a Little Caesars restaurant at Augusta, according to researchers.

Georgia Little Caesars attack caught on video; woman Needed for battery

Deputies responded to the restaurant just following 4 pm Monday with regard to a fight in progress.

Video of the incident shows Kennedy allegedly grabbing Broadwater by her own hair and punching her repeatedly in the head. At one point, a child with a pink bow appears to catch at the victim, as someone yells,"Move the infant! Move the baby!"

The footage later shows Kennedy dragging Broadwater out the front door of the institution by her hair and yanking on the floor outside. She then stomps on the sufferer's mind at least two times, according to the video.

"My baby!" Broadwater cries in the movie as she gets up, her face covered in blood. No one at the institution was captured looking to help break up the fight.

Little Caesars provided a statement to Augusta's WJBF-TV after the incident.

"The protection of our crew members and customers is the most important thing to us. In any situation in which a customer or employee is at risk, we counsel our crew members to phone the authorities immediately," the statement read.

According to a police record obtained from Augusta Crime, Broadwater was left with cuts to her face, head, and neck, a black eye, and a swollen face. She refused to be carried to the hospital by ambulance, saying that her friend would take her afterwards, the police report said.

The suspect left the scene in a vehicle after the alleged assault, authorities said. On Tuesday, the sheriff's office posted a desired poster to get Kennedy on Facebook.

"A woman with a baby," resident Dean Willard told WJBF. "That ain't right."

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