Getting to know the "Bachelor": "Oh, that's a horny bastard!"

On the Mexican Pacific coast, 23 women's hearts beat to the beat of love.

Getting to know the "Bachelor": "Oh, that's a horny bastard!"

On the Mexican Pacific coast, 23 women's hearts beat to the beat of love. The reason: The new bachelor is ready to pair and "finally arrive". In the captivating intoxication of courtship, one can easily change the tone.

23 single women traveled to Mexico to conquer the heart of Germany's supposedly most sought-after bachelor. From a purely superficial point of view, the new Bachelor has pretty much everything to offer that is needed to make the hearts of thirty-something ladies ready for courtship beat faster. David Jackson, the name of the new Rosenkavalier, which already sounds like Hollywood, could also be the little half-brother of "Aquaman" Jason Momoa, who was believed to be lost. The wild dreadlocks hidden in a bun, a snow-white smile like something out of a toothpaste commercial and a muscular body that looks as if good David once posed as a model for God in his first low mountain range sketches: Mister Jackson is truly an eye-catcher.

For the perfect courtship deluxe scenario, it naturally also shines and sparkles on the other side of the river. Their names are Tamara, Alyssa, Lisa, Giovanna and Fiona. In normal life, the selected single ladies jet back and forth between Cape Town, Lisbon, Zurich and Wörrstadt. On her business cards are professions such as psychologist, animal therapist, content creator and clerk for insurance and finance. In the visual 90-60-90 frenzy, David, nervously tapping his feet at the end of the red reception carpet, has to be careful not to let himself be "pushed" in one direction too quickly by charming superficialities.

When you first meet the bachelor feels like a little kid in an amusement park. Every second new impressions rain down on the model athlete with American roots. A kiss here, a little dance there: David tries to avoid the never-ending beauty arrows with a charming smile. But sometimes a lady hits the mark even before the first deeper conversation. The blonde Tamara, for example, lures the bachelor with intimate secrets: "Just call me Tami, I won't tell you my real name yet," giggles the jittery fitness economist.

Dog therapist Fiona is also remembered. The talkative Hanseatic woman brought a cassette recorder with her: "Would you like to dance?" She asks the completely puzzled bachelor. Five ballroom steps later, the name Fiona is at the top of David's list of favorites. Integration worker Leyla also goes on the offensive. After a spontaneous selfie with her jack of hearts, the 26-year-old from Frankfurt wags her hips in the direction of the Villa Bar: "Oh, what a horny bastard!" The lively Hessin shoots out. Yes, it's not just the bachelor's ears that are shaking. The women already present also welcome Leyla, who is still walking around in J.Lo mode, with wide eyes and open jaws.

After the last kisses, a few bars from chart pop hell and working through the really important questions in life ("Do you like watching Spongebob?", "Do you have skeletons in the closet?"), David devotes himself to the first Rosen decision. Three women have to pack their bags and fly home on the first evening. Their names: Mariam, Nevin, and Dahwi. In the confusing race to get to know each other for the main actor's attention, these three ladies seemed to be the slowest.

There are no dramatic "I can't understand it at all" looks or even tears. But that will change soon. Already in the clip, the viewer was able to catch a glimpse of the entire season - including adventure dates, emotional rollercoaster rides and catfights. We are excited and remain in joyful expectation of reception.