Government. "Terminal 2: The ministerial reshuffle is expected to take place "in the coming hours"

"In the next few minutes ".

Government. "Terminal 2: The ministerial reshuffle is expected to take place "in the coming hours"

"In the next few minutes "... Aurore Berge was the guest of LCI on Sunday. She had cast doubts on the date for the cabinet reshuffle. According to our information, it did not fall this weekend but should be rearranged on Monday.

Alexis Kohler, secretary-general of the Elysee will announce the names of the new ministers. Three ministers who lost the legislative elections will not be reappointed in the next government. They are Brigitte Bourguignon (Minister of Health), Amelie de Montchalin (Minister for Ecological Transition, Territorial Cohesion) and Justine Benin (Secretary of State responsible for de la Mer). Yael BraunPivet (Overseas), who resigned to assume the presidency of National Assembly, will need to be replaced.

These are the positions that must be filled with confidence. New ministers may also be allowed to join the "Borne 2", a government of action that represents the various political balances in the new National Assembly. We don't bring in any opponents. We bring in people who share our political vision and a desire for action and to move forward in the French's interests, "said Aurore Berge on Sunday regarding the reshuffle. Particularly, names of the MoDem party and the Horizons party by Edouard Philippe are in circulation.

Elisabeth Borne and Emmanuel Macron spoke about it this weekend. Doubt surrounds other names, people in difficulty, and who might be excluded from government: Damien Abad, defector to LR (Minister for Solidity, Autonomy and People with Disabilities), and Chrysoula Zagaropoulou (Secretary in Charge of Development, Francophonie and International Partnerships), both presumed innocent, are involved in cases of a sexual nature that embarrass the majority.

The family photo will be taken on Thursday, one day after Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne gave her general policy speech to National Assembly and then to Senate. It is unknown if she will consent to a confidence vote, which would be required by the opposition but could prove risky without an absolute majority.

Emmanuel Macron, the president of the council of ministers at the Elysee on Monday, will be addressing urgent orders.

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