Gunfire at Arkansas car shows leaves one dead and 26 injured

Authorities said that one man was killed and 26 others were injured in an altercation between two men at a car show. It was part of an annual community event held in a small town in southeast Arkansas.

Gunfire at Arkansas car shows leaves one dead and 26 injured

Unrelated charges have been filed against a person who fled the scene of Saturday's shooting. He is currently being questioned by Arkansas State Police Colonel Bill Bryant about Dumas, a town of approximately 4,000 people located 90 miles (144 km) southeast of Little Rock.

Bryant stated that "all we know at the moment, there were two individuals who got into a gunfight", at a Sunday afternoon press conference.

He claimed that several children, including two children under 2, were among the injured.

Hood-Nic is a spring community event that hosts a car show. It is also part of Hood-Nic's neighborhood picnic. Hood-Nic Foundation states on its website that their mission is "rebuild, reconnect, and respond to youth needs in our communities."

This event helps raise funds to support scholarships and school supplies. It also featured a bonfire and a basketball tournament, musical performances and a balloon release.

Hood-Nic's purpose has been to unite the community," stated the foundation on its Facebook page. "This senseless violence must end."

Kris Love-Keys (the foundation's chief developer officer) stated that the event has always been family-friendly and conveyed non-violence.

Bryant stated that Cameron Shaffer (23), of Jacksonville, Arkansas was killed in the gunfire. Bryant said that authorities don't have any evidence that Shaffer was involved in the gunfight.

Governor. Asa Hutchinson stated on Twitter one of the suspects had been taken into custody and was being held on unrelated charges. However, the state police said that the suspect was being questioned.

Hutchinson stated that he will continue to investigate the details and determine if any steps could have been taken in order to prevent such a tragedy.

According to a spokesperson, five people aged under 18 were injured by gunfire and were taken to Arkansas Children's Hospital Little Rock. As of Sunday afternoon, most had been released.

KARK told Wallace McGehee that he started running, ducking and getting down to help kids get out of harm's way when bullets started flying.

Candace McKinzie was the organizer of the event and stated to The New York Times, that the gunfire seemed like it came out of nowhere.

She said, "You went all the way from laughing, talking, eating, and doing everything to random firing."

McKinzie stated that people began running and tripping on each other, and older people were falling.

McKinzie's sister and cousin were among those who were injured. Both were expected to make a full recovery, she said.

Tweeted Chris Jones, a Democrat running to Arkansas governor. He said that he was there earlier Saturday, registering voters, and enjoying "a positive, family atmosphere."

Jones released a statement saying that he was deeply saddened and angered by the tragedy.


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