When contestants in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” always raving about Thomas Gottschalk, Günther Jauch reacts a bit bitchy. “He’s generous with currywurst,” he teases, among other things. Theo Albrecht then gives the WWM moderator the rest.

“Today only candidates who can describe an encounter with Thomas Gottschalk are invited,” said Günther Jauch on Wednesday at “Who wants to be a millionaire?” fixed. Despite his friendship with his long-time companion, he didn’t really seem to like it. Because two of his candidates could hardly stop raving about Gottschalk. Invitation to the nightly currywurst, generous tip, compliment for voluptuous body parts? Jauch reacted rather tight-lipped.

Lawyer Ciamak Djamchidi had worked for a transport service during his studies in Berlin and once drove Gottschalk around for a few days. When the presenter was plagued by ravenous hunger after an event, he had the later WWM candidate drive him to the Ku’damm to eat currywurst. The night made an impression on the 48-year-old to this day: “He’s absolutely the way you know him on TV. An absolute original.”

Because the prominent customer invited his young chauffeur to a currywurst. It was an unforgettable 30 minutes for Djamchidi. Gottschalk could have just left him in the car, said the Berliner. “No, he doesn’t do that,” Jauch contradicted – only to weaken immediately: “He’s generous with the currywurst.” Not only there, replied Djamchidi and referred to his “really big tip”. That seemed to surprise the WWM host. “Really? How much?” Asked Jauch.

“It was over a hundred euros, and I still have ten euros of it framed at home,” reported the candidate. The photo evidence followed immediately. That triggered another taunt from Jauch in the direction of his friend: “Was it paid out in small notes?”

He couldn’t resist a dig at Wednesday’s Gottschalk moment from overhang candidate Barbara Ehrlebach. The former Lufthansa stewardess from Essen looked after Gottschalk many years ago on a first-class flight from Frankfurt am Main to Los Angeles. She had a lot of questions about his menu requests – so many that the moderator said at some point: “But you’re curious. Would you also like to know what my shoe size is?” The very excited flight attendant replied unintentionally open-heartedly: “Everything about you is definitely very big, Mr. Gottschalk.” Jauch commented dryly: “That saved the night for him.”

Ehrlebach managed the highest profit of 64,000 euros on the third day of the “three million euro week”. You can bet the money in the final on Friday and play for the record win on the RTL quiz show. The ex-stewardess is definitely willing to take risks. In the summer of 2023 she will start the circumnavigation by catamaran with her husband, a former pilot. The plan commanded respect from Jauch. “I’ll be honest: I’m also close to retirement age. But I don’t think I would dare to do something like that. Even this physical closeness after 30 years of marriage …”

Djamchidi also fetched 64,000 euros. It had started out rather less promising. The lawyer needed the first joker for the 500 euro question. The audience had to help him to ensure that the title of one of the most well-known fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm begins with “Rum” and not with whiskey or cognac (the search was for “Rumpelstiltskin”).

Former US President Bill Clinton did not give Ciamak Djamchidi a lavish tip, but he did give him a signed book. The fact that his chauffeur’s first name begins with the three letters of the US foreign intelligence service made Clinton pause, as the WWM candidate reported. The tie wearer also revealed: “If the president wasn’t wearing a tie, then we had to take off the tie too. Nobody was allowed to look better than the president.”

Djamchidi “only” got 64,000 euros, but recommended himself as a possible favorite for the final of the “three million euro week” in “Who wants to be a millionaire?” – and thus temporarily got Jauch upset. “Ah, that shark grin. That shark grin! That’s ‘Ghostbusters’ again!” Complained the RTL moderator when asked the 64,000 euro question. Because, as in a previous round, the lawyer knew the correct answer before A, B, C and D were displayed – namely that Aldi Nord founder Theo Albrecht was once a victim of kidnappers. Djamchidi had only recently found out in a podcast.

All four candidates who said goodbye to Jauch that evening qualified for the final. Teacher Christoph Rademacher from Euskirchen and management consultant Ann-Kathrin Krimmer from Munich just managed to do this with the minimum sum of 16,000 euros. Both needed the first joker early on, both ultimately failed because of a cinema hero. Little did Rademacher know that Spider-Man celebrated his 60th birthday in August 2022. Krimmer agreed on the question of which film the protagonist Frank Abagnale actually exists in. The imposter from “Catch Me If You Can” was wanted. Student Philipp Rubach from Düsseldorf returns on Thursday with the 16,000 euro question.