Hamas offensive against Israel, LFI's reaction to the criticized attack in France, earthquake in Afghanistan... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main news from Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th

Hamas offensive against Israel, LFI's reaction to the criticized attack in France, earthquake in Afghanistan... Five things to remember from the weekend

Have you missed the news a bit in the last two days? We summarize the main news from Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th.

Israeli forces on Sunday tracked down hundreds of Palestinian fighters infiltrated into their territory and bombarded the Gaza Strip, after an unprecedented Hamas offensive against Israel. The surprise attack, launched on Saturday at dawn by the Islamist movement, left hundreds dead on both camps. The army announced on Sunday morning that it would evacuate all residents living near Palestinian territory within the next twenty-four hours. The Israeli government said that “more than a hundred prisoners” were in Hamas hands.

In the north, the Israeli army struck a Lebanese Hezbollah target in southern Lebanon using a drone. Earlier in the morning, Shiite militia fired shells into a contested sector of the border area. The UN Security Council is due to hold an emergency meeting on the situation in the Middle East on Sunday. The United States, the European Union and other countries around the world strongly condemned Hamas attacks against Israel on Saturday, with Germany highlighting a risk of “major regional escalation.”

Out of step with the rest of French political parties, which have largely condemned the assault against the Jewish state, the position put forward by various members of La France insoumise (LFI) in reaction to the massive attacks launched by Hamas in Israel has made the the subject of criticism, including by some of his allies on the left.

“The armed offensive by Palestinian forces led by Hamas comes in a context of intensification of the Israeli occupation policy in Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem,” said the LFI parliamentary group in a press release on Saturday . For his part, Jean-Luc Mélenchon carefully avoided taking a position by explaining on X that “all the violence unleashed against Israel and in Gaza only proves one thing: violence only produces and reproduces itself.” LFI is thus accused of finding justifications for the attack by denouncing the Islamist movement in the same way as Israeli colonization.

In front of the activists of the Renaissance party gathered in Bordeaux, the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, reacted on Sunday, castigating “the revolting ambiguities [of LFI] in the face of the drama of these last hours”. “The positions of La France insoumise are well known, with a lot of ambiguity, with anti-Zionism, so in fact, it is sometimes also a way of masking a kind of anti-Semitism,” she then declared on BFM-TV. The declarations of the “rebellious” also aroused the anger of socialist elected officials, like senator Laurence Rossignol or deputy Jérôme Guedj.

The death toll from the earthquake that hit Afghanistan on Saturday was reassessed at more than 2,000 deaths, according to a communication from the Taliban government on Sunday morning. The 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck the west of the country. The epicenter of the earthquake was located 40 kilometers northwest of Herat – a city considered the cultural capital of Afghanistan – and it was quickly followed by four strong aftershocks of magnitude 5.5, 4.7 , 6.3 and 5.9, reported the United States Institute of Geosciences (USGS).

Zabihullah Mujahid, one of the government spokespersons, wrote on X (formerly Twitter) on Sunday that 2,053 people died in thirteen villages. “Ten rescue teams reached the scene,” the message also said, specifying that 1,240 people were injured. In Herat, residents and business owners fled buildings when the earthquake struck around 11 a.m. local time (8:30 a.m. PST) on Saturday.

The conditions for access to zero-interest loans will be relaxed, in response to the real estate crisis, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, announced Friday to the regional daily Sud Ouest. “Faced with the increase in interest rates, we will expand access to zero-rate loans [PTZ] by simplifying the scale and increasing the ceiling,” the minister said in an interview. “This will be done in the coming weeks so that six million additional French people benefit,” he added.

The PTZ allows households, mainly first-time buyers, to limit the cost of financing their main residence, in new buildings, and if they carry out work, in particular by improving the energy performance, in old buildings.

By inflicting a correction on Scotland (36-14), Saturday at the Stade de France (Saint-Denis), Jonathan Sexton and his teammates signed a fourth consecutive victory at the World Cup, at the same time validating their qualification for the quarterfinals. final.

Thanks to this immaculate record, the Irish finish at the top of Group B and will have the perilous privilege of facing New Zealand in the quarter-finals. By a multi-cushion billiards move that an Irish snooker fan would not deny, the XV of France also knows its opponent in the next round. First in Group A, the Blues will challenge South Africa on Sunday October 15 at the Stade de France, the reigning world champions finishing in second place in Group B.

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