Health. High heat can cause confusion, dehydration and dizziness.

Meteo France has not yet activated the heat wave alert.

Health. High heat can cause confusion, dehydration and dizziness.

Meteo France has not yet activated the heat wave alert. The temperatures expected to rise over the next few days will be comparable to heat waves, particularly at night.

Meteo France announces that temperatures will reach a new high on Wednesday, June 15. A thermometer should read 35 degrees across a large portion of the country. It is important to be safe in heat waves, which can prove dangerous for seniors.

When the body is dehydrated, it can be either partially or completely dry. The MSD manual is a reference guide for pharmacists and doctors. It states that dehydration can cause vomiting, diarrhea, sweating excessively, burning, and even kidney failure.

The manual states that people may feel confused or dizzy in more severe cases. The manual warns that excessive weight loss can lead to death if it causes dysfunction in vital organs like the liver, brain, or heart. Very severe dehydration can cause a coma.

Preventing dehydration is better than treating. A dehydrated body can be easily identified by feeling thirsty, reduced sweating, decreased elastic skin, reduced urine production, dry throat, and even reduced appetite.

Journal des Femmes adds that dehydration can cause "headaches, fatigue, nausea, and muscle aches" in addition to the visual symptoms.

Sante Publique France suggests that you hydrate regularly to cope with heat. According to the government, as we age, our bodies lose a lot of sweat and have difficulty maintaining 37°C. Hyperthermia, which is a higher than normal body temperature, can be dangerous. Avoid alcohol, sodas, and sugary drinks, and prefer water.

Proper nutrition is essential for proper hydration. In these hot times, raw fruits and vegetables are preferred over cold dishes.

You should also make sure to use an atomizer or fan to regularly wet your body during the hottest hours. To keep your home cool, make sure you close all windows and shutters during the day. At night, ventilate.

High temperatures can be uncomfortable so it is important to anticipate them. You can register an elderly, disabled, or fragile person at the local town hall. You can have contact information for the person so that an aid and rescue team can reach you in case of high temperatures.

You can also identify cool places nearby your home to spend some time in high heat (supermarkets and cinemas, churches, etc.). Prepare a heat wave kit, which includes a fogger and a ventilator as well as a thermometer.

Solidarity is vital in times of heatwave. Don't be afraid to call on your neighbors. The most vulnerable can always call their neighbours or family members if necessary. If you live with elderly or vulnerable people, it is important to check in on them regularly.

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