Shots are fired in Frankfurt-Rödelheim, residents find an injured man on the sidewalk. Any help comes too late for the 56-year-old. The police are looking for the suspect with a large contingent. The background is still completely unclear.

Frankfurt (dpa/lhe) – A 56-year-old was killed on Monday evening in the Rödelheim district of Frankfurt. Apparently he was shot, said a police spokesman for the dpa when asked. The suspect is on the run.

Between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m., residents in the area around Hausener Weg and Schmittener Straße heard gunshots and found an injured man on the sidewalk. They then called the police. “An attempt was made to provide first aid, but the person died here on the street,” said the spokesman.

The police are now looking for the suspect with a large contingent. A special task force (SEK) was requested for support. According to the spokesman, there is still no concrete suspect. But follow all the clues.

There is no danger to the population. “We have no indication of a dangerous situation here,” said the spokesman. Officials cordoned off the crime scene. The subway station Hausener Weg (U7) was also closed. initially reported on the case.

Further details and background to the case as well as a possible motivation for the crime were initially unclear. The police are currently investigating in all directions, the spokesman said.