Wiesbaden (dpa/lhe) – A woman’s membership in the AfD in Hesse was canceled after the nationwide raid on the “Reichsbürger” scene. During her admission process to the party in 2018, the woman concealed both a membership in “Reichsbürger” and a substantive proximity to their attitude, said the Hessian state spokesman Robert Lambrou on Monday at the request of the German Press Agency in Wiesbaden.

“The Reich citizens are on the AfD’s incompatibility list, so their membership was canceled on Saturday afternoon when we became aware of the process,” said Lambrou. “From the point of view of the AfD, she was never effectively accepted into the party.”

According to the Attorney General, three arrests were made in the nationwide raid on the “Reichsbürger” scene in Hesse. In addition to the woman, the investigators on Wednesday in Frankfurt also found the alleged head of the association, Heinrich XIII. Prince Reuss arrested.

All suspects arrested in Germany are now in custody. The federal prosecutor had arrested a total of 25 people. She accuses 22 of them of being a member of a terrorist organization that wanted to overthrow the political system in Germany. Three other arrested people are said to be supporters. “Reich citizens” are people who do not recognize the Federal Republic and its democratic structures.