Frankfurt (dpa/lhe) – The Frankfurt customs have uncovered numerous violations during checks in the hospitality industry – among other things, employees did not have a work permit. Overall, the officials checked 13 Frankfurt restaurants and 55 people last Friday, as the main customs office in Frankfurt am Main announced on Monday. The financial control for illegal work (FKS) of the customs had checked the restaurant industry nationwide on Friday.

According to the information, the officials in Frankfurt caught seven restaurants whose employees were not registered with social security. In addition, four foreign employees who did not have a work permit were found. According to the information, they were arrested for the time being, and investigations are being carried out against them and their employers. Customs warned a further six employees because they did not have their identification papers with them.

“We regularly carry out checks in the catering industry, as this industry is one of the largest and employs the most. We encounter irregularities relatively often here,” said a spokeswoman for customs on Monday.