Hesse: How Hessian municipalities want to save energy

"Every kilowatt hour of energy that we save is important," said Prime Minister Boris Rhein recently.

Hesse: How Hessian municipalities want to save energy

"Every kilowatt hour of energy that we save is important," said Prime Minister Boris Rhein recently. What can Hessian municipalities contribute to the gas crisis - both in the short and long term?

Kassel/Darmstadt/Marburg (dpa/lhe) - Cooler swimming pools, unlit landmarks and no hot water in public buildings: In the current gas crisis, municipalities can reduce their energy consumption in a variety of ways. By the end of August, the Hessian City Council intends to publish a list of recommendations on how cities and communities can save energy most effectively. The German Press Agency asked three cities - in the north, in the middle and in the south of Hesse - what they are already doing.

The first energy-saving measures have already been taken in DARMSTADT in southern Hesse - with the specific aim of rapidly reducing the gas consumption of all municipal buildings and facilities by twenty percent. "That must be the goal for all of us," said Mayor Jochen Partsch (Greens) back in July. "The situation is very worrying and requires consistent action."

Specifically, the lighting of public buildings was stopped, for example at the wedding tower on the Mathildenhöhe. The swimming pools in public outdoor pools are no longer heated and in some public buildings the water heating is to be switched off so that you can only wash your hands with cold water.

And the city of science also wants to prepare for the upcoming winter: the room temperature in the administration of daycare centers and schools is then to be reduced by two degrees. An additional 100,000 euros are also to be invested in optimizing heating maintenance.

KASSEL has also taken steps to save energy. At the beginning of the month, the outdoor lighting of the town hall facade and buildings of the city group as well as other effect lighting in public spaces were stopped. This also includes the lighting of the Hercules statue in the UNESCO World Heritage Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe and the documenta exhibition venue Fridericianum. Wilhelmshöhe Castle below, on the other hand, continues to be illuminated at night for security reasons.

According to the city, the sauna operation in the Auebad was also closed. "It is already clear that the outdoor pools in Harleshausen and Bad Wilhelmshöhe as well as the outdoor pools of the Auebad as large energy consumers will close after the summer holidays from September 5th," said a spokesman.

The northern Hessian city is also considering slightly lowering the temperatures in the administration offices. There should be no restrictions in daycare centers, schools, nursing homes and clinics. Sports halls are also left out, since they can be used as temporary accommodation or "heat islands" in evacuation scenarios as well as in the event of a heating and power failure.

In MARBURG, too, the city administration is currently examining a whole catalog of measures to save energy in the area of ​​electricity and heat - starting with its own buildings and properties, through administrative operations, to public space. For example, the pool operation, the dispensable hot water supply in sports halls, town houses and administration buildings as well as the fastest possible retrofitting of missing LED technology for interior and exterior lighting are up for discussion. But also doing without the illumination of buildings or the operating times of street lighting and traffic lights at night.

But it is also important "that the savings actually have a relevant effect," says the university town in central Hesse. And that they are meaningful and effective in relation to their social and societal impact. "We don't take quick shots that may look spectacular at first glance, but are of little or no use when reading the gas meter," said Mayor Thomas Spies (SPD). "Here, too, care comes before activism."

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