Frankfurt (dpa/lhe) – A landlord has to pay a fine of 3,000 euros because he has charged an unreasonably high rent for his Frankfurt apartment. A corresponding decision by the district court was confirmed by the Higher Regional Court (OLG) in Frankfurt, as announced on Tuesday. The district court had imposed the fine for intentionally collecting an unreasonably high rent by taking advantage of the rental apartments available in Frankfurt am Main.

The landlord offered his approximately 33 square meter partially furnished one-room apartment in the Nied district for EUR 550 a month plus EUR 180 ancillary costs. The tenant, who had previously been looking for an apartment for nine months, reported this, whereupon the Housing Office investigated on suspicion of excessive rent increases. According to court information, a typical local total rent of EUR 379 can be assumed for the property, taking into account an appropriate surcharge on the local comparative rent.

The landlord took advantage of the market and housing situation, it said. A rent that is more than 20 percent above the usual rate is inappropriate. In addition, he acted intentionally, since he said he was aware of the rent index. The decision of the Higher Regional Court is not contestable.