Frankfurt / Main (dpa / lhe) – After a failed drug deal, two 25 and 29-year-old men were sentenced to long prison terms by the Frankfurt Regional Court. The younger defendant was given four years and ten months as the main offender on Monday, the older two years and eight months as an assistant. Both were convicted of drug trafficking with weapons. The judgment is not yet final (AZ 3390 Js 201615/21).

According to the court, the two men wanted to take over seven kilograms of marijuana for 34,000 euros in a hotel car park in Frankfurt-Bonames in October 2020. However, there was an argument in the parking lot, followed by the use of knives, in which the prospective buyers were seriously injured by the sellers. In parallel proceedings at the regional court for attempted manslaughter, the alleged stabbers have not yet commented on the allegations.

The two prospective buyers, on the other hand, made extensive confessions. They wanted to get “quick money” and ended up “in the wrong circles”. The reason for the lengthy prison sentences was the fact that they too were armed during the incident – the younger man had a loaded pistol in his pocket, the older one a can of pepper spray. The verdict is not yet legally binding.