Hesse: What can Hesse's students expect during and after the summer holidays?

On Friday there is the last ring at school before the long holidays.

Hesse: What can Hesse's students expect during and after the summer holidays?

On Friday there is the last ring at school before the long holidays. If you want, you can also study school material in the free time. After the summer holidays, corona protection in particular will play an important role again.

Wiesbaden (dpa / lhe) - Finally summer holidays! For six weeks there will be no regular classes in Hessen's schools. However, there will still be plenty of opportunities for children and young people to learn or catch up on material during the holidays. The planning for the start of the 2022/23 school year at the beginning of September with a view to the Corona measures and new projects in the classroom is already underway. The German Press Agency presents a selection of the diverse projects:


As in the Easter holidays, schools in the state are again offering voluntary learning camps to compensate for learning deficits for their own students. On at least three days, individual needs-based support takes place in various subjects on site.

Language support during the holidays:

There is special language support in the "ZuBaKa holiday camps" and in the "German summer - holidays that make you smart!". During the German summer, there is a three-week vacation program for elementary school students in transition to fourth grade who need German support, which includes language classes in small groups with theater-pedagogical elements and additional leisure activities.

Swimming courses:

If you don't just want to learn, you can also use one of the state's swimming offers. Free swimming courses are offered in cooperation with the German Life Saving Society (DLRG), the Hessian Swimming Association and the Ministry of Sports.

Funding program Löwenstark:

The offers during the holidays are part of the state funding program "Löwenstark - der BildungsKICK". This is intended to supplement measures of the regular school year. Minister of Education Alexander Lorz (CDU) refers to the importance of the offer with a view to the new school year, in which catching up on missed learning material due to the corona pandemic will be an important part.


To protect against infection with the corona virus, there will be two prevention weeks at schools in the state after the summer holidays. During this time, all students are offered three antigen self-tests per week for voluntary testing at home. Before the holidays, all children and young people will also receive five of these tests from the schools to take with them so that they can voluntarily test themselves at home in the last days of the holidays and on the morning of the first day of school.

The Ministry of Education plans to offer two tests per week for voluntary testing again after the prevention weeks. It should remain possible to wear a mask voluntarily in school. In the event of an infection, it is recommended for the new school year 2022/23 to voluntarily wear a medical mask in the affected class or study group for the rest of the week.

Pilot project digital world:

In September, a pilot project for the new subject "digital world" will start in twelve secondary schools in the state with around 70 grade five classes. The project aims to combine basic IT skills with economic and ecological education. The lesson is about how digital technologies can contribute to solving social, economic and ecological problems. Two voluntary additional school hours per week are planned in the participating schools.

Turkish as a second and third foreign language:

In another pilot project, Turkish will be offered as a second and third foreign language at the beginning of the 2022/2023 school year at the Georg-August-Zinn-European School in Kassel and at the Clemens-Brentano-European School in Lollar. Other schools could follow in the school year thereafter. Portuguese and Arabic are to become subjects in schools in Hesse in the 2023/2024 school year.

Islamic religious education:

In the coming school year, there will be Islamic religious education again in Hesse in cooperation with the Turkish mosque association Ditib. This denominational religious education was temporarily suspended due to a legal dispute between the state and Ditib. During that time, the country had introduced the subject of Islam instruction, which is different from denominational religious instruction without an explicit commitment to the faith.

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