Hollande's attack against Nupes, Melenchon versus Alliance, and the world against Valls

Six days remain before the first round in the legislative elections, and tension is building.

Hollande's attack against Nupes, Melenchon versus Alliance, and the world against Valls

Six days remain before the first round in the legislative elections, and tension is building.

Francois Hollande attended Monday night's public meeting in Tulle in support of socialist Annick Taysse. He is running as an independent candidate for the "progressive right" constituency in Correze. Carole Delga was also present, a president of Occitanie, who is also against the alliance with La France Insoumise.

Former President of the Republic, Francois Hollande, lamented the "lackof credibility" of the left-wing alliance for the legislative elections as well as the "incantatory” proposals. Francois Hollande regards the Nupes program as "impracticable" and "inapplicable". That's all.

"Fellow"! Manuel Bompard chose a term that is not unfamiliar to say the least. Jean-Luc Melenchon's ex-campaign manager was responding to Emmanuel Macron saying that "no political group can impose a name [of Prime Minister] upon the president". The question is, of course, Jean-Luc Melenchon's desire to be "elected prime minister" following the legislative elections in the event that the Nupes win. The president can make an argument. "It is rare for one to win an election where he does not appear." The president selects the prime minister he will appoint by looking at parliament.

On Monday morning on Sud Radio, Jean-Luc Melenchon's lieutenant replied: "When he says to us that Jean-Luc Melenchon can't be Prime Minister because he won't appoint him", we respond by saying to him, "Bah yes, good men, you will name it."

Let's get down to the bottom. Nupes asks why Emmanuel Macron would be forced to appoint JeanLuc Melenchon. Manuel Bompard points out that, in addition to the "custom", which states that one must appoint "the person chosen from the alliance or formation which is head of the National Assembly", but also that the Prime Minister must have a vote for confidence in the National Assembly.

Concerning the argument of the president on Jean-Luc Melenchon's absence in Parliament in the event Nupes wins (because he is not standing for election), Manuel Bompard refers Emmanuel Macron directly to his own nominations. Jean Castex wasn't a deputy when he became Prime Minister. He was no more than Elisabeth Borne.

It is the form that causes the most trouble. Olivia Gregoire, a government spokeswoman, accused Bompard of "shamelessly flouting most elementary republican respect" for her use the term "bonhomme". Manuel Bompard continues to sign irony on Twitter. "I would have to say that I wanted annoy him that he wasn't anything or that he cynical, lazy." He said it would have been more respectful for the Republic, using terms used in the past by President of the Republic.

This tweet has not been digested. Jean-Luc Melenchon posted a tweet in response to the shooting death a young woman. He was riding with her in a car that was suspected of being involved in an accident that saw officials. "The police kill, and the factional group Alliance justifies shootings and the death because it "refused to comply". Shame! "Wrote the leader for Nupes.

Instant response from the Alliance police union implicated: The union announced its intention of filing a complaint against former president candidate.

It is not new that the opposition between the police union leader and La France insoumise leader is ongoing. The union announced that it would systematically file a complaint if Jean-Luc Melenchon questions it. In response to comments made on June 1, the last complaint was filed... on June 3. The previous? For remarks starting May 7, please refer to May 11. This is at most three complaints in a matter of a month.

It is difficult to win in the 15th District of Paris. In the 20th arrondissement, the Nupes candidate Danielle Simonnet and socialist Lamia El Alaraje, the outgoing deputy, are at odds. Last battle: The PS candidate was furious at her opponent, Jeremy Corbyn (MP for London, and most importantly former leader of British Labor Party), on Monday.

"The masks are falling": Danielle Simonnet has reacted to the criticism on Twitter by stating that the "left cannot accept this!" ".

It is clear that this constituency won't be won by the lefts.

Guest of BFMTV: Robert Menard, an elected official close to National Rally, announced Saturday that he would not run for re-election in 2026, four years after his term as mayor.

He is not the only one who thinks so.

Manuel Valls' ambitions to become a parliamentary member have come to an abrupt halt three years after his defeat in the municipal elections of Barcelona. The presidential majority invested the candidate in the 5th constituency for French people living abroad. This includes Spain, Portugal Monaco, Andorra. On Sunday, the former Prime Minister was defeated. He finished in third place behind Renaud Le Berre, Nupes candidate (27.24%), and LREM Stephane Vojetta (25.39%).

"I take note [...] Dissent and division have created confusion, I cannot overlook my score and that my candidacy didn't convince", tweeted the ex-weight of the Socialist Party. He bowed down with a laconic "Farewell Twitter" shortly afterward, before deactivating his account.

The defeat seemed to delight some LRs and the left: "Thanks to the French abroad for putting our lead in Spain and Portugal. Manuel Valls was eliminated in the first round. Jean-Luc Melenchon tweeted the following: "Wrote Jean-Luc Melenchon. He also included a photo showing the group rebellious in the Assembly tending to, in the Hemicycle panels which are inscribed "good bye". To mark Valls' final speech as a French deputy, signs were held up in October 2018.

An avalanche of tweets mocking his defeat flooded the internet, drowning out any tributes to the former Prime Minister. Some commentators found this unhealthy.

On Sunday, June 5, the candidates of the macronie were largely in the lead in the votes of French citizens living abroad. Manuel Valls was the exception. The Nupes did well, but it didn't say its final word.

The left-wing alliance was able to win two of the 11 constituencies that had French nationals living abroad. It also managed to take second almost everywhere. Meyer Habib (outgoing deputy) was the winner in this constituency. He is also the candidate for UDI.

Joachim Son Forget, the former deputy for 6th foreign constituency in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, was now the "band-aid to Captain Haddock". En Marche! He was elected with the tag En Marche!

He has been accused of pretending to be Emmanuel Macron on Twitter - he pleads hacking – then he supported Eric Zemmour during the presidential election, which took place between a round trip in Ukraine with a weapon in hand. In the final round of the legislative elections for French citizens living abroad, he received 4.5% of votes. These elections take place before the French constituencies.

Jean-Michel Blanquer is likely to recall his visit to Montargis (Loiret) in June 2008. The former Minister of National Education was sprayed with whip cream during the campaign for the legislative election. Two "aggressors", 51-year-old secondary school teachers and 57-years old, were placed immediately in police custody for "intentional violence during a meeting".

One of the men can heard saying "Education is in disarray" during a social media video.

"An election campaign can be described as a moment of democracy through exchange. Montargis is meeting its citizens and things are going well. Two people have attacked me and want to end this. Jean-Michel Blanquer filed a complaint on Twitter. On July 4, the Montargis prosecutor will summon the fifties.

Stanislas Guerini was the guest of Franceinfo and is the new Minister for Transformation and Public Service. He also remains the boss of the presidential party. Rachida Dati is the LR mayor for the 7th arrondissement in Paris and is actually questioning Gilles Le Gendre (ex-president of LREM parliamentary group at the National Assembly), in regards to sexual and moral harassment. According to article 40 of Penal Code, any authority that is informed of an offense or crime must file a report to the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office.

She accuses Gilles Le Gendre, in concrete terms, of not-denunciation, even of a crime, for cases which he would be aware. According to testimony that would have collected the evidence, Joachim Sonforget, former LREM deputy, said that Gilles Le Gendre was "suspected" of sexual abuse. Stanislas Guerini, responding to Franceinfo, said that justice should do its job and added that he had not spoken with "Gilles Le Gendre" about the matter since he received the mail from Madame Dati.

It was all he could do to escape it. He was eventually caught up by politics. Pierre Baudis was the son of Dominique, former mayor of Toulouse and UDF deputy. He had previously dabbled with journalism but had founded a social networking strategy consulting agency several years back. Far from the worlds of power. This young man was influenced by the Allegre scandal in which his father was wrongly accused of the most horrific horrors. He had also discovered what could lead to media lynching in a family and the severe damage that slander can cause.

Jean-Luc Melenchon won almost 32% of votes in this constituency, which is located in the northern part of the Pink City. It is where industrial activities like Airbus and its subcontractors are concentrated. 'presidential election. Pierre Baudis also has a handicap. He must face a dozen applications. These include those from LR, PRG, and RN. It is impossible to win the game in advance, and it could even look like a kamikaze candidacy. Check out our report.

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