Honolulu resort evacuated as armed suspect barricaded inside room: reports

Honolulu resort evacuated as armed suspect barricaded inside room: reports

The defendant has been regarded as a military member whose commander was attracted to the spectacle

Hundreds of guests and staff in a Honolulu hotel hotel were allegedly summoned in the"immediate area" Saturday night and sheltering in place while an supposedly armed defendant remained barricaded inside an area on the fourth floor.

Dozens of authorities reacted to the Kahala Resort & Hotel hours before and purchased that the resort locked down following the defendant allegedly fired a few shots through his doorway whilst resort staffers were in the hallway, based on Hawaii News Now.

The resort put a statement about 9 p.m. Saturday local time (3 Gamble Sunday ET) that law enforcement and hotel safety had evacuated people from the"immediate region and everybody is sheltering in place," based on KITV-TV.

"Happily, the security guard was not standing in the front of the doorway," Police Capt. Brian Lynch, stated, based on Hawaii News Now. "Nobody is hurt. We are only waiting for the defendant to give up"

The defendant allegedly fired through the doorway again after officers came and were calling his name.

The suspect was described as part of the army and also lives at Oahu, Hawaii News reported, citing resources.

Guests were told within a loudspeaker about 6 p.m. to lock themselves in their own rooms and over a hundred individuals were made to lock inside a ballroom in the resort.

One Honolulu resident informed the station that he was on the shore when officers advised him to get indoors. He said he saw them aiming in a balcony inside the resort.

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