Honor the Fallen With USS Midway Museum's Virtual, In-Person Remembrance Wall

This Memorial Day, you can honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice right from the comfort of your own residence or in person using the USS Midway Museum's online pursuits.

Honor the Fallen With USS Midway Museum's Virtual, In-Person Remembrance Wall

As Americans reflect on just what the holiday means and also recall military members that gave their life during their service, many San Diego companies will offer residents a socket to do just that. The USS Midway Museum introduced a digital way family members could get involved within their public tribute.

Even though COVID-19 cases are dwindling in San Diego, the historic museum is giving residents the options to take part in commemorations almost. It's hosting a digital remembrance wall on the internet, where people can submit photographs of loved ones who are fallen heroes.

A tribute wall featuring these photographs are also posted at the museum.

"This is one of those components of our heritage which we call created over Memorial Day and this is our remembrance wall," explained David Koontz of the USS Midway Museum, who is a Navy veteran, himself. "Actuallyit started online so that it's a digital remembrance wall so that our guests and the public can actually go on the Midway's site and really post a photo of a family one or friend"

"It's a very reflective exhibit," he added.

Moreover, the museum will host a wreath-laying ceremony at 9 a.m. on the Midway's flight deck with an emphasis on people who fought in the Korean War. This tribute will not be open for the general public, but it will be livestreamed online before the museum opens.

"Our hope is to help pay tribute and honor those who've served and naturally, over Memorial Day weekend, particularly people who really paid the supreme sacrifice during combat from current wars dating all of the way back to U.S. history."

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