After the months-long Corona-forced break you have had simply no more desire to make music only at home alone, say Annabel Hauk and Nuron Mukumi. As the 1999 Frankfurt-born cellist and for many years living here, a Pianist, came in 1996 in the Uzbek Tashkent to the world, recently through the mediation of a relative met, considered, therefore, whether they could not somewhere along a house concert.

Guido Holze

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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you love this Form of music-making in a small circle, since it was much more personal, you could come in contact to the audience. In addition, most of the chamber music of the classical was composed-romantic repertoire for the performance in such a small private halls, explained Annabel Hauk. So they developed with three other young musicians-colleagues – with the recently, at the Frankfurt Opera ensemble belonging to baritone Liviu holender, soprano Adriana González and violinist Felicitas Schiffner – the idea to an unusual project: Under the title “Back to live” to offer you now, to get music lovers to get home and give there concerts. ends

No living room is too small

The potential hosts can contact about Hauks website, even the cast and the works from the existing Repertoire to choose or let them surprise you. Actually, everything is negotiable, and no one should have to fear that his living room was too small, or other opportunities were not available, encourages the musician, which does not transmit only self-openness, but also the project as accessible as possible, formulated in this way: you would not be afraid to play alone for an elderly couple, you say, and Mukumis.

Dorothee Kruft, organized for many years at home in Bad Homburg, house concerts, was the First that the young Cello-piano-Duo invited. She had experienced Mukumi that occurred as a Student of the former at the Frankfurt University of music lecturers Professor Lev Natochenny, with its master-class in the Old Opera house, shortly before the Lockdown in a solo piano recital in the marble hall of the Villa Henkell in Wiesbaden, Germany, before a large and enthusiastic audience. Also Annabel Hauk has heard in a normal concert in Bad Soden. The two highly talented musicians was now at their Duo-debut in a small frame in your living room to experience overwhelming and your performance of “incredible quality” have been.

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The idea of “Back to live” finds Dorothee Kruft, whose grandfather house concerts with the Melos Quartet, organized, and on whose wings the young Martin Stadtfeld played, so fantastic. The conversations before and after the concerts, the cultural exchange, such as in the ancient Tradition of the Salons of the romantic writer Rahel Varnhagen, are great opportunities, says the trained art historian. If so gifted and well-trained musician “for relatively little money,” were in private houses and must accompany you on your further way, it is a gift.

Wherever their paths in the coming months, is for Annabel Hauk and Nuron Mukumi, however, is still in the stars. The two are aware that you can count, the happier your Guild. You know, how they report unanimously, many of our colleagues are no longer able to pay due to the lack of revenue by appearances “your rent and Hartz IV have applied for”, they say. Annabel Hauk studied actually since 2017 at the New England Conservatory in Boston. Since last December, she now lives back in her parents ‘ house in Bad Soden, where in any case all the possibilities for making Music are available, especially since your mother is Claudia schellenberger pianist. You’ve actually practiced in the past few months, a lot of, a lot of sports-driven and country walks, tells the young cellist. Since you’ve lived in Boston, friends, in case there currently fortunately no rent. They now hope to be able in January to study in the United States return. As there is but the location of the Corona-develop crisis was not foreseeable, says Hauk, who received her first Cello lessons at the age of five, early in the Emanuel Feuermann Conservatory, Kronberg Academy recorded and last updated by Istvan Vardai has been informed.