How to Ensure Total Privacy When Your Bathroom Has a Window

A large window can bring brightness and beauty into the bathroom, but it can also attract the unwanted attention of neighbours and passers-by.

How to Ensure Total Privacy When Your Bathroom Has a Window

A bathroom without a window can be an uninspiring space. The same can also be said for any room of the home, as a room without a window can feel cramped, confined and claustrophobic.

By contrast, a large window that looks out over an open space has the opposite effect. The room feels bright, light and airy, soaking up natural light for a much more appealing aesthetic.

But what about a prominent window that prompts privacy concerns?  Beautifully presented and practical it may be, but what if your bathroom window gives outsiders a clear and uncensored view directly into your home?

Boosting Privacy While Maintaining Brightness

When faced with this surprisingly common problem, the ideal solution is one that provides the privacy you need while still allowing your bathroom to bathe in as much natural light as possible.

Covering the opening with heavy curtains is an option, but in doing so, you block all the benefits of having a window in the first place.

Instead, it is better to go for something that balances the best of both worlds.  Examples of which include frosted glass, window shutters, tinted window film and more. All of which have their own unique points of appeal, which should be considered carefully before deciding which way to go.

Shades or Shutters

High-quality shades and shutters are by far the best way to bring privacy to a bathroom, while still benefiting from maximum natural light absorption.  Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, bespoke shades and shutters can be tailored to complement any type of interior décor.

Window shutters in particular can be the ultimate addition to a bathroom. They offer the highest possible level of privacy and light control, with panels that can be adjusted with pinpoint precision to accommodate all requirements. Premium window shutters can also be a cost-effective long-term investment, manufactured from the highest quality materials and built to last.

Window shades offer similar benefits to shutters, but are not quite as energy efficient. They can be adjusted to ensure total privacy at all times of day and night, or be opened fully for maximum natural light absorption. Shades for the bathroom should be chosen with care, to ensure that the materials are suitable for the high-humidity environment.

In both instances, shades and shutters can be customised to suit all types of standard and non-standard openings. A great alternative to conventional curtains, where the only option is to open them or close them.

Frosted Window Glass

Most types of standard window glass can be frosted, in order to create an effect that distorts the view through the window. This can be a good option for the bathroom, as the window can be left fully uncovered to allow as much natural light as possible to penetrate.

There are various DIY and specialist approaches to frosting window glass, which include the following:

  • Static window cling film: This is the quickest and easiest approach, though is also only temporary in nature. Application of static film for windows usually involves misting the surface of the window lightly, before carefully applying the film and pressing out any bubbles towards the edges.
  • Spray paint: This is a more long-term solution, but can be removed with relative ease at a later date if required. Frosted glass spray paint can be picked up from most hardware stores, and is designed to be applied in the same way as conventional spray paint. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, applying a thin mist of the paint and allowing plenty of time to dry.
  • Etching: Etching the glass will alter its appearance permanently, and is therefore best left to an experienced contractor. The process typically involves the application of a special cream or agent, which physically removes a thin layer from the top of the material. The effect cannot be reversed, so it is important to get it right the first time.

DIY Window Tinting film

Another easy and strictly temporary option is to take the DIY approach to tinting the glass. A very modest tint to the hue of a bathroom window can be all it takes to create a far more private and intimate setting. Tinted glass is more difficult to see through from most angles outdoors, instead reflecting images from the surrounding space.

Window tinting film can be picked up for a low price online, and is available in a wide variety of different colours and finishes. Go for something that makes your windows appear just slightly darker, or try a copper or silver effect if preferred. Picking up the highest-quality film you can find is important, as low-quality film can be difficult to remove and can even damage the surface of the glass.

Applying window tinting film is as simple as applying a large sticker. You simply cut the material to size, remove the cover from the adhesive and apply it carefully to your window. You’ll then need to give it a few days to cure, after which it will be held firmly in place for some time - often several years with appropriate care and maintenance.

Install Glass Blocks

Last up, this is a somewhat retro option, which can nonetheless look the part in certain types of properties. This is where a conventional bathroom window (albeit a relatively small one) is replaced with a series of glass blocks.

Replacing the window outright is by far the most extensive and destructive of the options available. But depending on how you go about it, the result could justify the work involved. Glass blocks can be picked up in almost any shape, size and colour imaginable - perfect for putting your own signature twist on your home.

Though before attempting a project like this, it’s important to consider how it may affect (positively or negatively) the curb appeal of your home. If in doubt, consult with a local contractor and ask for their own recommendations.

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