How to Spot An Expert DUI Attorney in Travis County

Being convicted of a DUI is incredibly stressful and can severely damage someone’s life

How to Spot An Expert DUI Attorney in Travis County

Being convicted of a DUI is incredibly stressful and can severely damage someone’s life, with a well respected attorney known to often be the difference between a normal future or life as a convict. While the complexity of Texas DUIs makes expert representation near essential, in places like Travis County with a massive concentration of DUI attorneys, you may spend hours or days vetting potential legal counsel before finding an ideal candidate. Before getting burnt out and settling for satisfactory representation, abide by these rules for finding an expert DUI attorney in Travis County that is the right fit for you.

Look Locally: Before you consider anything else, it is important to narrow your search to the local area where your DUI occurred. This will not only greatly reduce the amount of DUI attorneys to consider, but will ensure that your attorney is aware of the local court proceedings and make it likely that they are familiar with local judges and prosecution. A local attorney is also more accessible than an attorney that’s a long drive away, allowing for face-to-face counsel that can be beneficial for one’s case.

Ask For a Referral or Look Through Reviews: A DUI attorney can have all the right credentials, but if they're badly reviewed or not recommended, it’s likely that they won’t be much help with your case. Asking friends and family for a referral is a great way to ensure that an attorney is trustworthy and likely affordable. Looking at reviews and positive testimonials can give you a good idea of the types of cases an attorney finds success in and whether they have taken on cases that are similar to yours. A good way to check an attorney’s reviews is to look at third-party websites such as Google, Yelp, and the lawyer directory sites Justia, and Avvo.

Prioritize Accessibility: One of the most important traits of an attorney is accessibility. Being charged with a DUI can be incredibly difficult to navigate and the best DUI attorneys will always be willing to pick up the phone to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns. Before hiring an attorney, ensure that they will personally answer your calls and be the one mainly working on your case. Consider hiring an attorney from a law office or boutique law firm as these attorneys tend to have a lighter caseload and can devote more time and attention to your case. Avoid an attorney who is not upfront or provides you with roundabout answers, as some attorneys will agree to represent you without the skills to do so.

Go For Specialization: When looking for a DUI attorney Travis County you’ll usually be best suited with one specializing solely in DUI representation. While many big Austin law firms handle an entire host of criminal offenses, they are unlikely to know the ever changing DUI laws and defense tactics that an attorney board certified and specializing in DUI law would. The National College for DUI Defense is a great organization to look for representation through, with all certified attorneys undergoing training to combat breathalyzers and field sobriety tests.

Ask About Trial Experience: If you’re charged with a DUI, you may find your best outcome at trial and will want an attorney with formidable trial and litigation experience. An expert DUI attorney should have a proven track record for winning DUI cases and should feel comfortable with the prospect of your case going to trial. Don’t be afraid to ask an attorney if they have taken on cases similar to yours and how often they win in court.

Agree Upon Costs: You may have found the best DUI attorney in the world, but if they’re out of your price range you're out of luck. At the initial consultation with a DUI lawyer, it is important to ask about the cost of a retainer, whether you will be paying a flat fee or hourly, and the possibility of a payment plan if necessary. With Austin and Travis County home to some of the most expensive lawyers in the Lone Star State, make sure that you’re fully aware of all of the attorney fees you are facing.