Hugh Sheridan is now a "non-binary bisexual human"

Hugh Sheridan, an Australian actor, has admitted that they are "nonbinary bisexuals" and will not accept labels.

Hugh Sheridan is now a "non-binary bisexual human"

Hugh Sheridan is a non-binary and posted it on Instagram.

Eight months after the star declared they were attracted to men and women, the Packed to the Rafters actor said to his followers that he is still a human (non-binary/bi/me/Hughman), but he's in a monogamous relationship to another human whom he loves.

He continued, "I don’t accept labels because it limits me... If you want it, take it." I chose zero labels because I didn't want to be limited or excluded. I believe they are all one. Who knows? Why choose? Be yourself. Be real. Be true.

Non-binary people aren't able to categorise gender identity as male/female and prefer to use the pronouns they/them.

Sheridan announced the news on Instagram, in a post to promote his front page of DNA men's magazine with his fiance Kurt Roberts.

The actor said that they are now happy being 'gay', despite not wanting labels.

Sheridan said to the magazine, "Now I'm marrying someone you can call me gay. It doesn't matter! We're all humans. Labelling me put me in a box that felt almost like a cell.

Kurt, the general manager of digital lending for the Commonwealth Bank, was proposed to by the 35-year old on March 1st at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

"I bought a ring, flew my family to the venue and sat in the audience that night. He didn't know. Sheridan stated, "It was an amazing moment."

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