"I'm so happy": singer Jessie J is pregnant

Not long ago, Jessie J had to cope with a miscarriage.

"I'm so happy": singer Jessie J is pregnant

Not long ago, Jessie J had to cope with a miscarriage. Now the British singer can shine again. She announces her pregnancy on Instagram. That's all she ever wanted.

Jessie J is expecting a baby. The British singer announced her pregnancy in an emotional Instagram video, accompanied by her song "Sunflower". "I'm so happy and scared to finally share this," she wrote. In the clip she shows her positive pregnancy test as well as various baby bump and ultrasound recordings.

The 34-year-old also asked her fans: "Please be nice to me." It was only in November that the singer remembered the terrible stroke of fate in an Instagram story. "A year ago today, I was told my baby had no heartbeat," Jessie J begins her post. In the meantime she can tell the story "without crying", but the heavy loss "still hurts". At the same time, the 34-year-old explains that the devastating experience also taught her "strength, wisdom, empathy and gratitude". The singer closed her heartbreaking post with the words: "To my little angel baby: I feel you everywhere, especially today."

Now Jessie J has every reason to be happy again. Getting pregnant was "all I ever wanted," she explained at the time of her decision to undergo artificial insemination. Now she is finally back and can share her great happiness with the world. "Honestly your girl just wants to cry in public in a catsuit and eat a chocolate covered pickle no questions asked," she wrote on Instagram. However, the singer has not revealed when her child is due to be born.

Not only her fans are happy with Jessie J, who was in a relationship with "Magic Mike" actor Channing Tatum for two years. Numerous celebrities also congratulated her. Including ex-Destiny's Child singer Kelly Rowland and Rita Ora. Singer Leona Lewis, who became a mother herself last August, wrote: "Congratulations mom, I'm so happy for you". Ellie Goulding also shared a few warm words: "You look so radiant and so happy." Actress Ruby Rose recalled, "When you told me - in my heart I felt the utmost gratitude. You deserve it so much!"

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