"I'm the only natural beauty": Three hair transplant fans gamble at Jauch

Hair transplant instead of contraception – the priorities of Jauch's WWM candidates are clear on Father's Day.

"I'm the only natural beauty": Three hair transplant fans gamble at Jauch

Hair transplant instead of contraception – the priorities of Jauch's WWM candidates are clear on Father's Day. The biggest gambler of the evening annoyed the sponsor with the "penis pump". Jauch is still enthusiastic and reveals: I felt the same way.

"Please not just a woman again." Günther Jauch was in the big gambler special from "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" on the verge of falling away from the faith. Ironically, on Father's Day, the men were weak and in the first two selection rounds they didn't even start with correct answers. In the end, however, Jauch was able to celebrate a real gentleman's day. While two candidates fell to 1000 euros, the two men went home with six-figure profits. They had more in common: single, hair transplant fans. One even brought in a comrade-in-arms as a telephone joker. "The only natural beauty sitting here is me, in all modesty," Jauch had to state.

Jan Cassola from Essen, who was happy about 125,000 euros, paid 4,500 euros in Düsseldorf to have his hairline filled. Lars Hermes paid 2,000 euros less because he went under the knife in Istanbul. "It costs half as much, but I know horrible stories of disfigurements," Jauch said. "It's gambling," Hermes replied and was later able to justify this self-confidence. Before that, the big winner of the gambler special had to be reprimanded by the moderator when it came to contraception.

For 8,000 euros, Hermes should know whether the three-hour pill or the three-month injection is a contraceptive. The thirtysomething said nothing. "Who cares about contraception in your circles?" asked Jauch. Silence. "I'm considering whether I think it's a good thing that you're relatively unburdened," the moderator remarked after the candidate had reached the correct answer using the exclusion principle. Jauch had previously identified a glimmer of hope: "Two million in the account sometimes make it easier to find a partner." It wasn't enough for the man from Hamburg to win the main prize in the gambler special. But Hermes took the motto of the show seriously and thus also inspired Jauch. Before that, however, he was able to enjoy the "penis pump" story.

The candidate was introduced as "Managing Director and Founder". However, the partner in a small chain of speech therapy practices started his professional life as a presenter at the television station 9Live, which was discontinued in 2011. Under a pseudonym, Hermes ran the show "Kaffeeklatsch" and was supposed to one day praise a tubular cookie press. "The prize was called 'penis pump' internally," said the candidate. Jauch showed full understanding: "Afternoon program, why not?" Unfortunately, it didn't stop with "internal".

Hermes lost his nerve in front of the cameras, held the baking aid in front of his loins and asked who in the audience wanted to win the penis pump. His employer banned him from being a moderator for a year. "I still have the warning," said Hermes. Maybe because of his bad conscience. "The sad thing about the story is that it was a non-cash prize sponsor who then canceled the collaboration." Jauch waved it off. Because even the model moderator was apparently often a nuisance for advertising partners. "I also have good stories there, I've already done things here, and collaborations were then terminated," said Jauch, who was apparently not impressed.

Apparently, the RTL veteran enjoys the freedom of the broadcaster. "I can say anything. Tell me anything I should say, I'll say it," he challenged the candidate. Incomprehensibly, he missed the opportunity and only wanted to hear a poem from the WWM host. "It's high culture, that's what RTL stands for," said Jauch after his little lecture. Then he turned to the camera and challenged those responsible at the station: "Block me for a year, dare!"

Hermes, like all five candidates of the big "gambler special", managed not to take a joker before the 32,000 euro question. Otherwise, the remaining three grants would have expired. He also used the jokers extremely skillfully. He saved the audience joker, which is otherwise often taken first. It paid off. Because when asked for 125,000 euros, the viewers in the studio were able to help the unsuspecting candidate with a clear vote to realize that bathyscaphees help with deep diving and not with high flying. These are submarines for the deep sea. In the next round, even Jauch was shocked.

At the special gambler level of over 250,000 euros, Hermes was asked: Among which animals are there specimens with behavioral problems that experts call "mirror fencers"? You could choose between birds, spiders, fish and insects. Hermes thought for a long time. Jauch was already expecting an exit and had no problem with it. "You don't have to gamble. Don't feel obligated..." the moderator reassured. "A, birds!" exclaimed the candidate abruptly. "I have to catch my breath," said Jauch.

After the commercial break, he was able to confirm that the answer was correct. "There isn't. Crazy," Jauch acknowledged the candidate. He got out in the next round. With the quarter million euros, the managing director of the non-profit GmbH "Aktion Baum" wants to hire a successor in order to have more time. Hair transplant comrade-in-arms Cassola works as an entertainer in a club hotel on Fuerteventura and wants to throw a huge party for his colleagues and also finance the move back to Germany. The first candidate of this "gambler special" would have published her own book with a bigger profit. "Title: How to fail at the 200-euro question," joked Anna Hacks.

In the second round she had given the wrong answer several times and was extremely lucky that the director let her continue. The editor at the online magazine "GoFeminin" should add the sentence "Anyone who is president of a football club has, so to speak, a..." The candidate from Siegburg initially said "contactless" with certainty of victory. Then she quickly switched to the correct answer "Vereins(-)amt" - only to immediately correct herself again: "I'm completely upset - it's A, cut off". She almost took a joker as well, but then the penny finally dropped with the studied Germanist: "I'm ashamed."

In the end, Hacks was able to look forward to at least 32,000 euros. Psychologist Susanne Haller from Gernsbach, on the other hand, fell down to the security level in the 16,000 euro question - the last round without a joker. She gambled that hammer throwing is a discipline in decathlon. The unlucky Nadine Skrzypczak was already over with the 4000 euro question. "It's a gambler special, then I'll say A," said the specialist from Gelsenkirchen and decided that the "Nutri-Score" should be given on food packaging on a scale from 1 to 5. In truth, it ranges from A to E.

Jauch logged the wrong answer without resistance and said goodbye to the hapless candidate in quick succession. Apparently she had already gambled away the moderator's good will when asked for 300 euros. After all, in his opinion, it made for a first in the history of "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" The question was: "Anyone who enjoys Brussels lacework will find: A) super super, B) great great, C) mega mega, D) great great."

Skrzypczak chose the correct answer D. But for her, lacemaking is apparently done with a hammer, which is why she placed the "point" at the upper end of a chisel. Jauch was torn between admiration and disgust. "I have never heard a more wrong explanation in the history of this show, which has existed for a quarter of a century. They tell hair-raising nonsense and are one round ahead. Life is so unfair," said the moderator. But just four laps later, his WWM world was back on track.

The RTL quiz show will take a break in the next few weeks. The "Jauch vs...." series will be continued for this. Next Monday, the moderator will measure himself against colleague Oliver Welke. Whit Monday it is the turn of the knowledge fight against cook Horst Lichter.