iOS 14, iPad OS... that we have held ads Apple

A furious rhythm, videos of executives of the company who are succeeding, Apple has not missed the appointment of its first conference for developers, "virtual

iOS 14, iPad OS... that we have held ads Apple

A furious rhythm, videos of executives of the company who are succeeding, Apple has not missed the appointment of its first conference for developers, "virtual", because of the pandemic of Covid-19. "For anything in the world," Tim Cook would not have wanted to miss it is an appointment which gave rise to a few advertisements beacons, and other, more anecdotal. Faithful to its ability to adapt to the air of time, Apple will update its location-aware applications on the iPhone and Apple Watch to meet the needs of cyclists, or offers app fitness on Apple TV. The containment has been there.

● iOS 14

on The side of novelty, we will retain Apple Clips, a new way to find apps and download them in "lighter" version. Especially, Apple embeds directly from Apple Pay in this new feature. A way for the group to become a bit more rooted in the real world. Illustration: to rent a scooter, to download the app from the lessor via a QR Code or a new visual, and most need to enter your details, everything is handled by Apple.

The app Translate also works well in spoken and written in 11 languages, including French. The fashion embedded on the device allows you to use offline features of the app to translate words and text, and full confidentiality. We can't wait to try it out to test the effectiveness!

● iPadOS 14

While taking over a large part of the new features of the system of the iPhone, iPad, OS stands out a little more iOS. The menu of the novelties of this version 14, it should be noted that the optimization of the applications of the most iconic, including Photo and Music, to fit the large screen of the iPad. in particular, by adopting a sidebar and a toolbar.

the use of The pen, which concerns more in addition to tablets, Apple is also changing thanks to Scribble. When we make a schema, the iPad can replace paths run quickly, show of hands by the geometric shapes corresponding (square, circle, hexagon, etc). He also knows how to automatically convert the handwriting into computer text, including chinese characters. And as in a word processor, it is possible to select a sentence or a paragraph to change the color or copy and paste it in another document. Moreover, the app can identify certain extracts, such as phone numbers, dates, addresses or geographic, in order to exploit them directly, for example by locating a place in Plans. Among other notable improvements, especially in the search function, special mention to the new management of telephone calls, which no longer hide the entire screen, but show a small banner at the top. Same principle for Siri, just a little bubble animated, at the bottom, instead of hiding all the screen. Discreet and stylish.

● Privacy

It is not really an ad, but more than ever, Apple puts the emphasis on the respect for private life. Whether on Safari or iOS, the group makes it possible to view what information the publisher has access to. What give cold sweats. In its app stores, Apple says they wanted to put in place a system inspired by the food labels. You know how many calories you absorb with food? And well you know how much data you share by using an application.

Apple refines its measures dedicated to the respect for private life and protection of personal data and add new: dataminimization (a minimum level of access to information), embedded intelligence (the data are processed locally, as much as possible), the security, the location "approximate" (for recommendations on an area without saying exactly where it is).

● Chips

abandoning Intel to equip its Mac to its own processor, Apple intends to first be coherent with his philosophy: optimal integration of software and hardware. But this is a first. Because if the Mac has already changed several times architecture processor, it was always of components of external origin. First, from historical Motorola 68000 and 68040 to the PowerPC processors from IBM in 1994, and then by adopting the Intel architecture in 2005. Each time, Apple added an emulation feature which allows old software to run, the best performance being obtained with the software "native".

the Same principle today: the next Mac will be equipped with the processor Apple, but they will keep the compatibility with software designed for the processors of older generation. Apple has announced that the editors of the most emblematic will provide optimized versions of their software for the new processor. In the lot, Microsoft with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, or even Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. The developers are independent will not have to recompile their code in the programming tool Xcode to get a version ready to run natively on the next Mac.

To develop its new component, Apple builds on the expertise that has been acquired for the development of its mobile products. From the beginning, the iPhone has to be equipped with a specific processor based on the ARM architecture, capable of managing the touch screen, the operating system (declined to that of the Mac) and provide a satisfactory tradeoff between performance and energy consumption.

over its different versions, this component has evolved so much, particularly in adapting to the iPad, it's become a real beast race. To such A point that the latest iPad Pro is more powerful than a quantity of desktop or laptop PCS. More efficient, less energy-intensive, the processor A12X Bionic and A13 Bionic that equip the iPhone and iPad are distinguishable also by their integration exceptional: in addition to managing display, storage and memory, they have functions related to security and data protection, image processing, energy consumption, and artificial intelligence. It is not surprising that this basis appears to be particularly well-suited to adapt to a computer like the Mac.

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Date Of Update: 23 June 2020, 05:47

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