Idaho Guy wins lottery -- to the sixth time

He intends to use his winnings because of his daughter's future schooling

Idaho Guy wins lottery -- to the sixth time

Bryan Moss, that possesses Newko Sport and Nutrition wellness shop in Meridian, Idaho, won $250,000--his biggest haul-- by a crossword scratch match on Thursday, according to a news release in the Idaho Lottery.

This was the first time time Moss won a trophy as well as the first time that he took home the top prize.

"I am pleased to help encourage Idaho public colleges, that is why I play with," said Moss.

He also posted his winning ticket on Facebook Thursday, which brought a response from a number of his pals.

"Congratulations! Could I give you cash to play me? I certainly do not have that sort of achievement lol," one user wrote.

"I have tried playing for many others it does not work lol," Moss jokingly responded.

Moss, who plays the lottery often, said he intends to use his winnings to get his daughter's education, as stated by the Idaho Lottery.

His ticket has been bought from an ExtraMile from town, and also the lottery stated will be given a bonus of $20,000.

Meridian is situated about 10 kilometers west of downtown Boise.

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