Idaho man fatally shot in Personal backyard Following officer mistakes him for Defendant, police say

A resident told police they thought the defendant was armed

Idaho man fatally shot in Personal backyard Following officer mistakes him for Defendant, police say

A police officer at Idaho fatally shot at a guy who had been in his backyard Monday after mistaking him for a defendant about the loose in the area and considered to be armedforces, police said.

"There are not any words to express just how deep our hearts are now," Johnson stated in a statement.

The episode began just after midnight at Idaho Falls when a deputy in the Bonneville County Sheriff's Office pulled over a car and watched a man passenger wearing a black blouse escape and flee into a residential area, the police statement said.

Deputies heard Shoesmith had several active warrants for his arrest, such as for felony battery on a officer, resisting or obstructing detain, and supplying false information to law enforcement.

As the search continued, authorities said a resident told officers that they spotted the defendant run through a garden and believed he needed a gun.

Meanwhile, the motorist who'd remained in the vehicle revealed officers a message that they received from the defendant that revealed his GPS place, police said. The GPS seemed to demonstrate the defendant in a garden of a local residence. Officers and deputies subsequently surrounded the house.

"Because of the data that the suspect might be armed, along with a previous history of violence when interacting with police officers, law enforcement employees entered the place by using their support weapons drawn," the police statement said.

Officials stated they discovered yelling when coming the house and found a guy wearing a black blouse and wielding a gun from the lawn.

"We don't now have the answers as to what precisely happened during those minutes," Johnson stated. "We all know that during that discussion, the Idaho Falls police officer discharged his service weapon, shooting one shot that struck the guy."

Johnson said officers and first responders attempted life threatening steps but they had been ineffective.

Officers and deputies decided that the guy who'd been taken wasn't the defendant but really the resident of the speech.

Following the shot was fired, Shoesmith was spotted running throughout the region, authorities said. Officers tracked him into the lawn of a nearby residence and discovered him hiding in a drop.

Authorities didn't say whether Shoesmith had been armed forces.

The entire event, in the moment of this visitors stop to the shooting and detain, lasted about 20 minutes, authorities said.

"All of us feel the burden of what has happened now," Johnson stated. "Our sincere sympathies are with all the family members and friends of those involved, most notably the household of the deceased"

The officer involved in the shooting was placed on administrative leave and human camera movie was turned over to some task force as the shooting investigation persists.