Idaho National Guard identifies 3 pilots killed in Black Hawk helicopter Accident

The pilots were all from the Boise area

Idaho National Guard identifies 3 pilots killed in Black Hawk helicopter Accident

The Idaho National Guard has recognized the 3 pilots who died this week after their Black Hawk helicopter crashed during a routine training flight.

They began serving in the army division as early as 2005 and every leave behind their wives and several children.

"The sudden and tragic loss of three of our fellow Guardsmen is extremely heartbreaking to every member of the Idaho National Guard family," said Maj. Gen. Michael Garshak, the Idaho National Guard's commander.

"I have received a lot of messages of condolence from several individuals here in Idaho and throughout the country, and all of your thoughts, prayers and support are sincerely appreciated and much needed," he added. "it's quite comforting, at this challenging time, to take support and care of so many."

The incident occurred during a routine training flight near Boise.

Army officials made contact with the helicopter round 7:45 p.m. Tuesday. An Emergency Transmitter Locator device onboard has been triggered around 8 pm

Crews finally found the wreckage and employees early Wednesday, south of Lucky Peak.

"The cause of the accident is unknown and an investigation will begin immediately," officials said in a statement.

This is the second deadly crash of a Black Hawk helicopter from the National Guard in the previous two weeks.

On Jan. 20, a Black Hawk in the New York National Guard ‒ which was also on a training mission ‒ crashed outside Rochester, murdering three veteran pilots.

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